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Nurturing Your Body

There is a paradigm shift and we are witnessing a change in people’s perception of health and fitness. My view on the subject is that change happens only when one acknowledges that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

3 Reasons Why You Have A Right To Be Rich

What if you could break free from the poverty mentality that has been holding you down all these years? This article gives you 3 reasons why it’s okay to claim your right to be rich!

Find Your Learning Curve

As we springboard into 2007, my request of you is to fulfill your personal desires through learning. A new year represents a new beginning so let’s take on some fresh courage and capture our passions.

How To Become A Liberated Writer

I’m a Self Actualization Life Coach, so I’ve worked diligently learning how to motivate people to take the next step in their personal growth. Even so, I had struggled for years trying to write my own book or articles. That was until I found some incredible resources that resolved my difficulties.

How To Conquer Your Procrastination Addiction Fast

Imagine conquering the most unpleasant problem that MOST human beings have! If you;re seriously interested in changing this one habit, then read on to discover more…

How To Radically Change Your Life – Really Fast

Several years ago, I made a major commitment to radically change my life. I was tired of feeling tired, falling into confusion, lacking enough focus to achieve my dreams, losing hope, failing. I did not feel very happy, complete or whole or have any measure of success or inner peace. I was repeatedly emotionally tossed about by circumstances and crisis that seemed to come out of nowhere. That was then, this is now…

Reflections at the End of My First Half-Century

As my 50th birthday quickly approaches, I’ve been drawn to the question, what is midlife? Does it mean middle-age? I certainly don’t use it that way. I recently read a survey that was taken of 50 to 59 year olds. They were asked at what age does middle-age begin? They were also asked at what age does old age begin? The average answers: 48 years and 72 years, respectively.

New Year’s 2007 Message kicks off the Optimize Your Life! 2007 Newsletter by Bernie Dahl, M.D.

The New Year’s 2007 Kick-off message for the Optimize Your Life! Newsletter for 2007 by Bernie Dahl, M.D., welcomes the subscriber/reader into a year of personal strategic planning entitled the Journey Into The Self.

Use The Power of Your Thoughts to Raise Your Consciousness and Artistically Create Your Own Reality

Be the artist of your own life! Create the reality you have always wanted by being your self and believing everything is possible!

What’s More Painful For You In 2007

As we move into an exciting new year, what have you been putting off that you feel is going to cause you temporary pain? We both know that there is something! Public speaking? Starting a business? Expanding a business? Taking up a new hobby? Finding a new job? Asking for a promotion? What are you afraid of that is going to cause temporary & imaginary pain?

The Science of Success

If, like me, you have a propensity to spend inordinate amounts of time navigating your way around some of the squillions of personal development / motivational / inspirational / be-your-very-best-in-next-to-no-time sites, then you’ve probably found a massive amount of repetition, fluff, feel-good, mumbo-jumbo crap and the occasional valuable article.

There’s No Such Thing as SHOULD

Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself. OK, all of us have some experience of what the shrinks call Self-Talk, where we comment internally on the events going on in our lives. The frequency and timbre of this varies from individual to individual, but nevertheless…

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