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Controlling Your Mind Power – Embrace Your Uniqueness

Embrace your uniqueness. It is the source of all of your individual dreams and desires. If you do not fully appreciate and embrace your own uniqueness, it is almost certain that no one else will.

Strategic Self Management – Motivation 1 – Recession 0

How can you get back into your life when you are hit by a recession? How do you find what inspires and motivates you to realize your higher goals?

How to Stay Motivated – Just Say Yes!

Just Say Yes! is the act of admitting to what you really want and agreeing with the Universe that you should have it. Everyone knows that you naturally attract whatever you say yes to. Once you consciously or subconsciously agree to something it will hasten to your doorstep. Saying yes to what should be active in your life creates instant abundance.

Achieve Your Business Goals by Stopping Procrastination in Its Tracks – For Good

Procrastination is a problem which we all face. Some more often than others of course, but each of us runs up against it in our lives. Why is it we procrastinate about some things, often over and over again, and yet we don’t procrastinate in other areas?

How to Beat Bad News and Recharge For Success

Most people encounter bad news from time to time. But what causes the bad news from happening is when you are reeling from the problem and being gripped by the experience at the same time. I investigate the situation from the standpoint of NLP.

Final Push – Your Gift

The truth is….everyone has a gift. Something that you were either born with or developed by hook or crook over the years. Some skill, some mindset, some insight, something so powerful that when applied you are unstoppable.

5 Tips to Cancel Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs run deep. They usually start with our caregivers who may say or treat us in ways that cultivate this mental dis-ease. And the excuses we internalize only serve to reinforce limiting beliefs that become a self fulfilling prophecy. And, of course, you get the same results and nothing changes.

Tips For Balancing a Busy Life

Why is life like this? Why do we rush from A to B, leave our dreams untouched and wake up the next day and do it all again?

3 Point to Achieving Anything

If there is such a thing as the all elusive get rich quick scheme then this is it. 3 point to achieving virtually anything in your life, from personal success, relationships, business and personal finance.

Where You Look is Where You Go

‘Two men looked out of prison bars, one saw mud the others saw stars….’ Creating the habit of appreciation will change your perceptions forever. Showing appreciation is the quickest way to improve your relationships! Appreciation also eases discontent.

How to Stay Centered in a Crisis

Life is full of events that test us. These events try our abilities to cope and deal effectively with such occurrences as death in the family, financial problems, health issues, job loss and such. Anyone wishing to arrive on the other side of their crisis can discover NOW how to respond to and survive them in a peaceful way.

Reinvent Midlife – The First of Seven Secrets

There are several things you can do when you are ready to have a midlife reinvention. Here’s just one.

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