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How To Be A Self-Motivated Salesperson?

A Self motivated salesperson is one who creates value. They have the potential to make successful sales deals. They have a spark in them to accomplish the targets.

The Art of Procrastination and How I’m Beating It

As a writer I’ve mastered the art of procrastination. Here’s how I do it. Before I sit down to start writing I check my e-mail, my Facebook, the progress on my website, my Blog and my published articles, then I check my e-mail again to see if there’s anything new. To show you the extent of my obsession I’ve even made a log where I track the daily progress of each of my endeavors. Is that crazy? Yes! I even make a list of what I’m going to do that day, who I have to call, bills I have to pay, etc. I’m a list-maker from way back.

The Dash Between the Dates

The dash between the dates is a consideration of the pace of life. We know the length of that dash varies for everyone, but it isn’t how long it is but what we do in it that matters. It is the time allotted to make preparation for eternity to come.

12 Bodacious Things Worth Repeating

Too much of a good thing is always worth doing! It’s easy to fall into a cycle of resisting all that we don’t want. We can sometimes forget to do more of the things that make us feel great (and, strangely enough, we do this on purpose).

Boost Your Motivation With These Three Power Tools

Motivation can be the vital ingredient in any endeavour that makes the difference between success and failure. Knowing how to boost your motivation will give you an edge in whatever you plan to do.

Altering the Command Station of Reality

Let’s break down reality. You’re in your car and the radio is playing. The song that’s playing is by no means your favorite…in fact you pretty much hate it. The sound that you’re hearing is REALITY. You’d be stupid if you took a hammer and started beating your speakers because you didn’t want to hear the song anymore.

Positive Thinking “Never Say I Hate the World”

Being positive pays off! When you believe that you can do something like achieving a goal, it seems as though things just tend to happen in your favor. Things that you could not think of. Today was one of those days for me.

5 Day Action Plan – Make an Immediate Transformation in Your Life and Start Seeing Results Instantly

Are you caught in idle, with little motivation and not much direction in terms of what you want to do, where you want to go, and the why you need to start doing something now? What if you had a huge action plan that give you precise clarity on exactly what to do, how to do it to produce massive results and a strong sense of purpose and motivation. Would you feel encouraged to start taking some immediate steps forward in your life? Follow these next tips for a startling improvement in your life and a strong progression towards your goals.

Stay Connected to Your Mission

What is your mission? In your business and in your life, knowing and staying connected to your mission is the key accessing the passion and energy you need to create success in your life.

How to Successfully Take on Any Challenge and Achieve Anything You Want – Find Out NOW

You’re probably thinking. The title sounds absurd, it’s impossible to achieve anything. If this was your immediate reaction then you are no different than anyone else. You are shackled down by limiting beliefs and feelings that prevent you from experiencing the true abundance that’s available when you liberate yourself from thinking that your destiny is determined and your life has to be a certain way.

Decide, Commit, Succeed

In a couple of weeks I’ll be starting a new adventure. I am so out of shape that I have come to a point in my life where it is mandatory for me to start working out again so I can get back in great physical shape. Ah, the good ol’ days.

How to Motivate Yourself Effectively

Frustrated? By understanding what you REALLY want to achieve, these three steps will increase your ability to succeed, and find the deep satisfaction you desire.

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