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Motivation Techniques to Keep Yourself on Track With Your Fat Loss and Muscle Building Goals

Let’s face it, at times, motivation can be hard to come by. Whether you’re life’s just been all around hectic, there is something new that’s demanding more of your time than you’d like, or you were faced with an injury and now have lost all momentum to get yourself going again, motivation is something that we all struggle with at some point. But, by learning simple things you can do to increase your motivational levels regularly, you can keep yourself focused on the path ahead and eventually reach that end point you’re after. That said, here are six things you should start doing if you do in fact hope to accomplish your objectives.

Life is Like Preparing For a Bullfight

One day we will no longer live in this world — survived by our children and grandchildren one would hope. Looking at death from this perspective, should that change our approach to living? I wonder if bulls know of their fate. I wonder what more we can do or what we can change to bring about a better result in the end?

Boomer Genius – Anthony Robbins

There are many brilliant and successful baby boomers. Anthony Robbins not only has built an empire but has changed many millions of people’s lives.

The Pursuit of Happiness

We are so busy. Have we forgotten what it’s all about? Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness are our fundamental rights, aren’t they? Let’s find a way to exercise it.

Gallantry, Generosity, and Fidelity – Tools For War

When all is said and done, if we fight, we must pick the right one, and also employ the right values-based strategy. Would it not be a good thing if these three: gallantry, generosity, and fidelity, were last of all found in you? Now, that is real spiritual leadership, wisdom, and emotional intelligence… and a raft of others, all rolled into one.

Work is Burning You Out? Turn Your Workplace Into a 9-5 Party!

Office hours can be an ultimate drag. Imagine going into your workstation everyday and to be assailed with the utter dullness of it. Most probably everything is as plain as your 9-5 desk job is. So how do you find inspiration in such dire circumstances? Of course by adding spice to the natural bore-fest that is your work shift! But is it really possible to personalize your workplace into that well of inspiration that it should become to fuel your days? Why certainly!

Success, Failure Or Nothing – Are You a “Player”?

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by sweat and blood; who strives valiantly…” -Theodore Roosevelt. Players are those who actually enter the arena. They boldly try, and fail. They succeed too, but only after much toil and often much failure.

3 Ways to Stay Motivated Despite Movable Deadlines

It is important to know how to find self motivation when you are dealing with unstructured timetables and deadlines that can change from one moment to the next. Unstructured time and changing deadlines can be very frustrating and can cause motivation to dwindle away.

Motivation – An Open Source Application – Nothing Like It

Open application has never been in such a high demand as it is today in the history of the world/mankind. People are increasingly looking for flexibility in virtually everything they do.

7 Ways to Feel Motivated

Most of us need motivation to start an exercise program and maintain it. Motivation is very important part of a successful workout routine. To feel motivated is not very easy and usually the hardest part. It is mostly because of this that one doesn’t exercise regularly.

Nine Questions to Ask Yourself

Humans are creatures of habits. We tend to end up in an area call the Comfort Zone, which may not be that comfortable after all. But it is something that we are familiar with, thus never really make the effort to change for the better. Think about the 9 questions & you may just be surprised by the answers you have given for yourself!

Stay Awake!

Have you ever gotten so sleepy while driving that it scared you? Yet you continued on toward your destination, your eyes glazed over, your mind on autopilot? Until maybe you glanced down at the odometer-or out the car window at unfamiliar surroundings-and finally snapped out of it, shouting, “I should stop!”

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