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Don’t Eat All the Elephant All at Once

This article is around helping people to shift particularly when apathy sets in.

Lessons in Pain

Some of our best lessons come out of painful experiences. It’s how we deal with the bad and the horrible which differentiates us. Which makes or breaks us.

What is Success? Part 1

For one it is driving a big car, or earning a million dollars a year, or being respected by people, or be able to write a book, or be the M.D. of a multinational company.

What is Success Part 2

The Cambridge dictionary translates success as; “The achieving of desired results”. which is a different way of looking at success. It is success without competition. Whether you passed your test, finished a job, completed a task, have a good relationship, something we fulfilled makes us successful , regardless of the results of somebody else.

A Personal Vision – A Great Anti Depressant But

Although Native American tradition holds some patent over the language, all cultures throughout the world have some form of Vision Quest in their society. For example, Lamas in Nepal and Tibet sit in retreat and consult astrology for future vision. Yogis retreat to caves…

Opportinity Is Knocking… Are You Coming Out To Play

It is the childhood skills of reinventing, exploring, doing and taking action on opportunities that are the new core competencies in making real change in your life. They are the keys to open doors that seemed closed.

Finding Passion in Your Work – What Do You Love to Do Every Day?

Finding work that we are passionate about is the key to spending our life with happiness and joy instead of bitterness and regret. If you spend some time each day working towards the life you want you will make great progress with finding what you are passionate about in your career and working life.

Do You Think It Cannot Be Done – Never Give Up

Describe how a bridge engineer persevered and got his dream met despite all criticisms and difficulties. This story will move your hearts.

Keep The Momentum Going

Keep it going. Don’t stop! What are you stopping for? You’re on the Right track. There is one or more things that you are definitely on the Right track on. You are focused and keep on focusing. Keep the momentum going. Is the darkness and the tests of life distracting you? What are you doing about it? Are you allowing yourself to be bothered?

Tinnitus Forces You to Learn

Many people don’t ever achieve the results they desire because they don’t follow through. If you use the lessons of tinnitus to help you learn you will gain a complete understanding of life.

Two Sides Of Self Motivation

Self motivation can be divided into couple aspects. The first is oneself motivation whence of the activities that are involved in the behavior. And the another is when persons are motivated because of the word of reward when something is ascertained.

Motivation Makes All the Difference

Motivation is the key to success. You can survive and sustain difficult times. Keeping yourself inspired and motivated can make all the difference between success and failure. Successful people are successful because they are highly motivated and inspired. They know how to persist and grow when going gets tough.

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