Is THIS Proof That BITCOIN Will Become Even MORE VALUABLE?

What Kind of Crazy Idea is That?

No matter how crazy, difficult, impossible something seems initially if it’s your dream, your passion, you can find a way to do what it takes to have that experience. How? Do all you can with all you’ve got right now, knowing that you’ll get the next bit of info as you take action.

What Has Happened to the Work Ethic?

The dictionary definition of work ethic is defined as a set of values based on the moral virtues of hard work and diligence. But what has happened to hard work and diligence? Employees seem to be working less and playing more.

Fall – Time to Change YOUR Leaves?

Fall is one of my favorite times of year-the temp starts dropping, the air gets crisp, the trees put on a glorious display of color – I love it! I also think it’s a great time to drop what’s not working for you. If trees can let go of every leaf, why can’t we let go of what no longer serves us?

Top Five Techniques For Creating Mental Strength

With all the chaos in the world these days it’s easy to get caught up in the turmoil. The top 5 techniques will develop in you the mental strength to live a peaceful life.

Free Motivational Games – Motivate Yourself With Games

Many people need sources of inspiration in their lives, but often they do not know where to look to find that inspiration. There are free motivational games available to help motivate people who need help in this particular area. Finding these sources of free motivational help is not as hard as one might first think.

Having a Vision

This article explains the importance of having visions in life. A vision will attract to you invisible things in your mind to manifest in physical way before your eyes.

Finding Our Voice and Our Place in the World

We often talk about someone finding their voice but what does this really mean? My sense is that a search for one’s voice is really a search for meaning and the identification of our unique place in the world. We are all here for a purpose and complete the world through our uniqueness.

Who Runs Your Life?

Are you the commander in your own life? Is somebody or something else?

Life Voyeur

Are you a life voyeur? Okay first I guest I need to tell you what a life voyeur is. A person that is a life voyeur is a person that watches things happen. They do not get out an experience life they mostly watch it happen with out playing an active part in the world around them.

There’s More to the Phrase “Believe and Achieve” Than Just the Words

This story is a continuation and verification of my earlier article on what you think and believe can and will come to pass. This theory is true in life as well as business. Check it out.

Circle of Influence Vs Circle of Concern

It’s entirely too easy to become overwhelmed by the world’s problems. If we don’t pay attention to our circle of influence, we may allow ourselves to become wholly ineffective.

Motivational Speaking – How Can it Help You?

If you are looking for the motivational speech sample, look no further. Sometimes people need a little push to get headed in the right direction. A motivational speech can be just the thing to stimulated people to be concerned about a situation or dilemma.

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