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What Are Values, Personal Values, Family Values, Core Values?

Values are the things that motivate us to act in our own lives and those of others. But the word values is overused and has become a buzzword… with only vague meaning. But when you define values… according to Aristotle’s ancient rule… still used today in the sciences… you can see clearly what is the same about all values and also how values differ from each other. Core values in particular have a characteristic none of the others does.

Achieving Your Goals- Keep Your Willpower Strong

Is lack of willpower a sign of weakness, or is it your subconscious protecting you from being outside of your comfort zone? A strong willpower is needed to accomplish any challenging task in life. If something wasn’t a challenge, we wouldn’t struggle to obtain it.

Personal Motivation – Look Back With Pride

When the road to your goal seems long and weary, take a shot from these three easy motivation boosters.

What Will People Say?

We all have basic knowledge of right and wrong. Peer pressure (according to Karen Dockrey), is more than a direct invitation to do wrong. It is that uneasy feeling you get when you wear jeans to a party when everyone else is in elaborate gown or tuxedos. But the only person you talk to about inner conflict is yourself, and this can be a very lonely, confusing struggle. Repeat to yourself daily “being like others is no guarantee they’ll like or accept me”.

Be a Force to be Reckoned With!

How would it serve you better (and your family, your co-workers and clients too) if you were a Force To Be Reckoned With? We all have the ability to be a Force To Be Reckoned With, sometimes we just haven’t realized it yet, or maybe we’ve forgotten. Following are three key ways to start reclaiming your personal power.

The Dangers Of Positive Thinking

“Think Positive” has become a slogan. But sometimes doing exactly the opposite, and looking at how bad things are can be more useful.

How to Take the First Step to Fight Global Hunger

Once you look at world hunger statistics, however, it becomes clear that all is not so rosy. In much of the world, poverty is a daily reality.

On Inspiration, Motivation and Leadership

How can leaders inspire and motivate staff on a practical level… what causes a person to make that move from Point A to Point B.

Cancer Move Him

Two friends met in a hospital only to find that they had the same problem – unwell at their nose. While waiting for the laboratory test results, Pierre said, ‘I’ll go for a tour immediately if it is a cancer’. James then said the same thing.

Life Is What You Are Doing Right Now

Your life is whats happening right now. Don’t waste it waiting for the perfect moment or perfect opportunity to do anything. Live now and not some other day.

Champions Never Quit, Never Surrender

There will always be that quiet temptation to quit, to find a job and escape, but the serious entrepreneur realizes that during those disconcerting moments, success is often waiting, just ahead, obscured by the next curve in the road. Though currently unseen, triumph awaits beyond the coming dip. That is the winning attitude that separates champions from everyone else.

Are You Letting Your Relationships Slip?

To live the good life, one that is rich both personally and professionally, it is crucial that we pay attention to our relationships, whether it’s a brand new prospect or our marriage partner.

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