IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL I WIN – Motivational Speech

Only a Request of Yourself Creates Action!

Please ask more of yourself in everything you do. Think Big! When you think big, you will see big. When you see big, you will expect big. When you expect big, you will request big of yourself! Only a request of yourself creates action!

The Myth of Perfection – Is it Really Possible?

We live in a world that caters to perfection. Cosmetic surgery. Zillions of diets. Size 0 bodies. But is it really possible to be perfect?

When Push Comes to Shove – Which Side Do We Take?

We here in America are facing one of the most difficult economic situations since the Great Depression. With so much propaganda and a media that is, no doubt, controlled by the ‘powers that be’, it’s very challenging to know what’s really going on. But this American doesn’t need the media to know what’s going on. All I have to do is look at my checking account. The situation is pretty grim. So, what to do? How do we maintain our balance without compromising our beliefs? How do we stay afloat when it seems our elected officials are determined to drown us all? When push comes to shove, what do we do?

Do You Want to Be a Procrastinator For the Rest of Your Life?

I had to take the responsibility for my life being the way that it was. It was no longer plausible or acceptable to ‘blame’ the procrastination monster for me no longer living my life the way that I ought to be. It was me. I made those choices. I now accept that responsibility and in accepting the responsibility I know that I have complete control to do something about it.

The Truth About Overcoming Procrastination

Many of us, including myself, have wasted lots of time on irrelevancies, doing things that do not really serve us. Often we spent time doing the things that are really not important to us and they serve a need in us to just do something, so that we can pretend we are being productive – this is known as procrastination and no amount of fooling ourselves will make that reality any less true. I know there have been times in my life where I have had a piece of work to do to a deadline and I have found everything else to do, such as cleaning my home, meeting up with friends, watching TV, etc.

Procrastination Propaganda

Overcoming procrastination is linked to projecting ourselves into a future that excites us so much that it is the only possibility that we see for ourselves. An alternative is to sit and complain about what we do not want our lives to be and, as sure as night follows day and day follows night, procrastination will be our best friend. If you want, for example, to move on to that next position in your company and you know that you need to increase your skills and that taking courses will help with that process and you decide that you are not going to do what it takes, then no amount of complaining will propel you onwards.

Become the Unstoppable Person You Are

Being an unstoppable human being means that you hold no bars nor do you take any punches. You are no nonsense individual. You know what you want and you are a go getter. You know how to be patient and persevering. There is nothing too good for you. You believe that you can get anything that you want and desire. Of course, not everyone is like that. Some people are usually the opposite and are intimidated and fearful of the unknown and are afraid to step outside of their box.

Five Great Reasons to Stay Focused on the Key Power Principles of Focus

Focus on creating your reality. It is in your hands, no one else’s. Recognise and accept that you are the power in your life. Take the power. If not you, then who? There is no one with your interest more at heart than you yourself. So if not you, then who? This really is a reality check and you get the chance to create the reality you wish for yourself. No matter the journey – it’s worth setting out a really clear route map and journey towards that destination each and every day.

Staying in Action

Staying in action is often perceived as the tedium of tasks, responsibilities and duties and is often accompanied with feelings of dread and burden, resulting in procrastination or avoidance. Staying in action, therefore, requires an ability to view these activities as necessary as the life-force for results to emerge.

Wake-Up Call – It’s Time to Change

It is not enough to just verbalize or visualize your goals. You must have a plan and take steps to create what you want.

How Do You Lift From Laziness?

Another way of looking at laziness is as a lack of motivation. We’re all motivated when we feel the urge or desire for something other than what we have now or where we are right now. We find joy when we choose directly something that feels good.

Our Relationship With Money

Money. Each of us has a different relationship with it. We view it differently, use it differently and think about it differently. How we experience money affects our relationships with out partners, families, and friends; and it drives our choices for our careers, environments and activities. Money plays a role in our present and future – often stemming from the beliefs we have that are rooted in the past.

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