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13 Ways to Regain Your Motivation to Get Well

At some point in your journey, you just won’t feel like working at getting well. Here’s 13 ideas for how to regain your motivation when you feel it’s finally run out.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Forward

It’s a common saying – “Two steps forward, one step back.” How about a different approach – two steps forward, one step forward. Let me explain.

7 Reasons to Stop Procrastinating That Just Can’t Wait

Gimmicks rarely help you stop procrastinating, because habits are deeply embedded in your mind. Seeing the reality of procrastination and how it is holding you back will be the motivation that spurs you into action.

From Rock-Bottom To the Top – Turning Your Life Compass Towards Your North Star

When our lives has hit rock bottom it can be a blessing in disguise. We can see it as an opportunity to rebuild our foundation with the morals, values and beliefs that works for us. We now get the chance to look at the people in our life and see the purpose that they serve. If there is no purpose then it’s time to say goodbye and part ways. If you and the people in your life do not get along then there really is no reason for either party to still be in each other’s lives.

Don’t Dare Dream In Dull Earth-Tones!

Even in first-world countries, most actual dreaming is surprisingly conservative. Most people, if pressed, would concede that they dream of a ‘slightly better’ version of their current career. Utopia would be what they already have, plus a little more of this; a little less of that. With a universe at our disposal and all the knowledge and capactiy of human history behind us; as members of a species beginning to explore beyond our planet and out into space; how bland!

Maintaining Momentum

The biggest difference between winning and losing is the ability to follow through. Here are 5 things you should remember so you can keep momentum and achieve your goals:

Who Wrote Your Script?

Having acted in a number of plays during my life I learned the importance to sticking with the script of the role I was playing. One – to maintain the integrity of the theme as written by the author of the play and two – to enable the other actors to play their parts correctly so they can follow their scripts as well. As I was recently thinking about the parallels between acting and life in general it occurred to me that most of us are just performing our parts as we move through our lives. We are just playing our parts and living by the scripts we were given by a variety of directors, producers and writers.

How You See Your World Matters

There is the other outlook on life. When we can take the negative things that happened to us and turn them around to do good for others, we will have a different outlook on life. If we received loving support, love, understanding, empathy and compassion for others, not only will that help to heal our pain, but we can now return that loving support to others. You can feel your pain, but you also can feel the love that is in your heart and the love that was given to you by others. Whatever it is that we have suffered, it does not have to turn us against ourselves or against the world.

Can Money Buy Happiness?

It increasingly seems to me that my children measure their happiness strictly in monetary terms – if I don’t buy them x, y or z, they will not ever be happy, in this life or the next. Of course, being blessed with the attention span of a flea (as is most of this generation), they lose interest in it even before the packaging is in the recycling bin, and they are back to being bored/unhappy/uninterested and what have you. Of course I know in principle that money and material goods cannot buy you happiness, but looking around, I wonder if I am the last (wo)man standing who believes in this old saying. And I must have been saying this aloud once too often in my kids’ hearing, because recently my son came to me brandishing a book, saying, “Look Mom, it has been scientifically proven that money can buy happiness!”

How To Stop Absorbing Hatred Into Our Life

Know that not everyone in the world is going to like you. Focus your energy on those that love you, genuinely want the best for you and who will genuinely be there for you. Stop reading anything that is negative towards you and or is filled with hatred towards you. Do not open up your psyche to those things. Love being by yourself with yourself. If the negativity is on the Internet, get off the Internet. You do not need to feed yourself with hatred. Go outside and enjoy nature. Go watch a movie or go visit your favourite bookstore. There are so many positive books in a Bookstore you can get lost in good, uplifting reading.

34th Street

A true story from a Realtor who had to learn lessons about people the hard way; the suspensions and bad choices she made on the journey. And a triumphant ending for both the agent and a family searching for an impossible dream!

Preserve Your Sanity – Find A Different Source of Emotional Support

It can be painful to have to make a decision to remove yourself from someone(s) who did not care for you or supported you while you were going through a rough patch in your life and it will hurt for a while. Go through the pain, do not try to bury it. It will hurt like hell, but soon your life will feel renewed and refreshed when those individuals are no longer in your life using you. As hard as it maybe to trust anyone around you, it is very important to reach out to a Trained Professional who will support you and give you an open forum to talk out your pain. They will also help to empower you to move through what you are going through so that you can come out on the other side of the pain feeling stronger and calmer within.

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