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Turning Jonah’s Four Weaknesses Into Strength

Jonah experienced the weaknesses of fear, failure, feelings, and frustration. We do too. We can learn a lot from, and be encouraged by, Jonah’s humanity. Be balanced in fear. Accept failure and move on. Perform despite feelings. Patiently endure frustrations.

The Frustrating Pursuit of Life Balance

We’ve probably heard it a million times as we have all been diligently pursuing it since it became “the” buzzword at least a decade ago. But the name itself sets us up for failure – because balance doesn’t exist.

If Tomorrow Came Today

What if tomorrow came today. How well do your words and actions reflect each other?

Live a Healthier Lifestyle and Become an Everyday Champion: It Can Make the Difference in Your Life

What is a champion? Many people think of a champion as someone who just won a contest. I think of a champion as anyone who accomplishes a worthwhile goal. Let me tell you about two people who were champions for their health. They made a difference in their lives by becoming an everyday champion and living a healthier lifestyle.

How to Feel More Motivated: Get Things Done!

If I have a bunch of things to do during the day, all those tasks get jumbled around in my head and I don’t know where to start. Then the feeling of being overwhelmed comes along and it gets hard to even do anything at all.That’s why it’s so important to keep in mind where you want to go so you keep your goals on track. I’ve put together some tips to help you get your day organized and get you excited to accomplish your goals.

Lessons From Neil Fiore’s Book The Now Habit

Having a hard time in accomplishing tasks? Do you always find road blocks that limit your productivity? Is procrastination a constant source of your guilt and worry? Worry no more because The Now Habit is written to change your view on procrastination on productivity forever.

7 Self Improvement Tips For A Happy Life

Launching these seven self-Improvement tips can empower you in ways you never knew exist, which can lead to a more happy fulfill life with purpose. Just remember to live in the NOW use what you learn, shoot for the stars even if you fall short you can still land on the moon. Don’t let your knowledge go to waste with out ACTION. As the famous slogan go’s “Just Do It”

Don’t Read This Article

Communication is more than assumptions about how our minds process information. You learned what many negative words meant at three years old. Your unconscious mind is well aware of what they mean today.

Success Is Not In The Land, It Is In The Mind

We have it in record that blacks and whites, fat and thin, dwarfs and giants, schooled and unschooled, able and disables, privileged and less privileged, and many more has succeeded in life and lived to manifest their ultimate destiny. David Schwartz appropriately captures it best when he said that “where success is concerned, people are not measured in inches, or pounds, or college degrees, or family background; they are measured by the size of their thinking”. Your responsibility to yourself is to therefore do something with your life and make a real difference in this world. You have brains in your head You have feet in your shoes You can steer yourself In any direction you choose You have all it takes to succeed in this one life that you have come.

The Right People Need No Motivation

Jim Collins, the world famous management guru, has said that “if you have the right people on your bus, you don’t need to worry about motivating them”. As a friend of mine said, “Does this mean that employee motivation programs are useless?” It would seem so – if only we could get our recruitment right, then we would employ a whole bunch of self-starters who would not need to be motivated by management. Wow, would that save costs? Yes. So this sounds like a good – no, great – idea, but is it? My own view is that there is a truth in what Jim Collins says, but that he isn’t exactly right either.

Thriving Versus Surviving Is It Possible?

Thriving is not a concept that is talked a lot about at the moment and certainly the media coverage of the current economic situation is portrayed as all doom and gloom with no visible light at the end of the tunnel, you could be forgiven for thinking that survival is the only viable option. So how do we make the shift from a survival mindset to one where it is possible to thrive?

Time Management Introduction: Take the Few Steps

Come to think of it, managing one’s time is truly both a skill and a talent that needs to be honed. Therefore, there is a need of a time management introduction which is a person’s entry point in mastering the trade of dividing the limited time that everyone gets to use every single day.

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