KEEP FIGHTING – Motivational Speech

Bring Procrastination To An End

Why to keeping up with yesterday’s blogging? Is procrastination hindering you? Learn to overcome procrastination and start achieving.

Effective Ways To Stay Motivated

There are many people who lose motivation if they are not selected for a particular job or assignment. They feel sidelined when a co-worker is chosen to do that particular job, and feel demotivated. Here’s how to keep your motivation and – your career success – high.

One Distraction Can Cost You MILLIONS

If you are any kind of sports fan, you’ve seen the pros choke and lose the big prize, which is usually some insignificant trophy and a pile of money. The question you have to ask yourself is; did they choke or was it a simple distraction that cost them the number one spot?

Staying Motivated When You Work Alone

Working by yourself can provide unexpected challenges. Here are seven proven ways to keep motivation high.

How to Stay Motivated

For anything you want to achieve in life, desire is the key to succeeding. When you picture the outcome of your goal in your head, it has to fill you with an intense desire to achieve it. Even if a goal is very easy to achieve, if the outcome doesn’t create a burning desire inside you, you will not achieve it.

Getting Motivated

So, it’s the start to the New Year and I’m sure most of you reading this have decided some goals that you would like to accomplish. Whether your goals are to become healthier and fitter, better your finances, or better your relationships, the main, if not the only thing that is going to keep you on track to achieve those goals, is your motivation and discipline. If you REALLY want to dedicate yourself to making changes in your life, that’s when you need to make the goal to commit to it. When you make a goal, you are sending a message to your sub-conscious mind that where you are at right now, is NOT where you want to be.

How Many Times Have You Heard “I Can’t”?

It seems that more and more people are limiting themselves. By them saying they can’t, they are basically throwing up their arms.

Don’t Let Someone Else’s Opinion Become Your Reality

Great achievers and record-breakers in all walks of life have accomplished what they have because they weren’t limited by labels someone else put on them. They haven’t let someone else’s opinion become their reality, instead believing in their own possibilities within.

Facing Challenges Of Life

A lot of people all over are always cribbing about their present situation as to how their life is full of challenges and they would have been more happier if their life was full of roses. But life is always that way. Just try finding one person who had never any challenges in his/her life. You will never find one!

Giving Up Before You Get Started?

For many of us, there is something in our lives that we just can’t change – no matter how hard we try. Maybe it’s the last 10 lbs. you can’t loose, or paying off that credit card, or finally ditching your relationship.

What You Need To Succeed

You will not be able to succeed or achieve anything significant in your life without having motivation, the fuel that pushes you to get things done. You will either remain where you are at now, or you will progress through life at a slow pace.

When Life Gets Difficult, Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

When you made a silly mistake, its no use lamenting over it. Accept that you were wrong, then move on. Only by truly accepting your faults can you then have the power to change it. In this article the author shows why making mistakes can be a good thing after all.

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