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Lifelong Learning – What’s in it For You?

Remember dial telephones? Adding machines? Carbon paper? They’re relics of the past, proof positive that the business world we live and work in changes. At times seemingly overnight. Office tools we were satisfied using not too long ago are grossly outdated today. And – to no one’s surprise – much of the knowledge we relied on yesterday is grossly outdated today. To keep up, ya gotta step up. Ya gotta keep on learnin’!

From Resolution to Result – Transform Your Good Intentions Into Real Results

Why do most resolutions fail? Do resolutions really work to create lasting change?

Want to Know How to Design Your Life?

There are no guarantees that life will turn out the way you want… but you have a better chance of it turning out how you want if you know how to design your own life. Continue reading for 6 ways to design your life.

Develop Good Habits to Achieve Your Goals

Everyone has good habits and bad habits…things we do well and things we can improve. Unfortunately, identifying our bad habits is the easy part. Changing them, however, is not.

5 Mini-Vacations For Preserving Your Peace of Mind

When you need to get away for a while, but can’t afford the time or money for a vacation, consider taking a mini-vacation. They’re quick, easy and, best of all, cheap ways to give your body and soul a rest without breaking the bank.

The Secret to Getting Everything You Want – Just Ask!

There are many ways to ask, benefits to asking, and reasons to ask. For a full picture of the best information on the subject read The Aladdin Factor. Here are a few things you can ask for that will aid you in getting more of what you want.

7 Steps to Achieve Anything You Desire

Do you believe you can have anything you desire? Some people do, and they seem to have a knack for going after what they want and getting it. They appear to have some secret that whatever they touch turns to gold. But truly, it is no secret, it is just knowing HOW to get what you want. I think the recipe for success lies somewhere between the inner thoughts and preparation and the outer actions and planning. If you can master your mindset, find an effective plan of action, and stick to it, you have an excellent chance of succeeding in achieving your goals.

How to Get the Attention of People Whom You Want to Emulate

Do you want to be all that you can be and more? Are you finding that you admire others but are not too thrilled with where you life is headed? Find out how to redirect your energy, quelch you fears and dive into the lifestyle you desire.

Xenophobia and You

If fear lies at the root of every midlife crisis (and it does), then what steps must we take to defeat it? Overcoming cultural bias is a primary strategy.

I Want to Live – Maybe Tomorrow

What is one area that stops many from pursuing their dreams, meeting appointments, taking steps toward outlined goals? You guessed it and if you didn’t read more…. The grave is full of great intentions. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Who knows whether it is promised.

Results Based Performance – Income Sample Performance

Are you consistent in your effort? Many people think the key to success is a consistent results based performance.  If we take a sample performance from a key period of time and duplicate those results over a long period of time we can forecast long term success or failure as long as there is consistent performance.

Why Do You Think Success Begins With a Dream?

Successful people from whatever country, race or culture all have a trait that is common among all if one were to analyze their route to success a bit closely. That is, there is no “by chance”. Any success that comes by is a result of intense focus, dedicated heart and firm mind on nurturing the “seed” of an idea, and they believe their ideas can work.

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