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Top Signs of Stress

Stress is reaction of the body to internal pressure. You would be less than honest if you said that you do not have stress or you never had stress before. There is a good stress and a bad stress, hence it is impossible for anyone not to ever have had stress in their life.

Money for Nothing and Success for Free

This may offend you… or you may be in total agreement with me. My point is not to annoy anyone – rather to get them off their butts and doing the things they need to do.

The 5 Knows of Great Relationships

Why are relationships so hard? The simple answer is because it involves two people. Two people with different tastes, different backgrounds, different wants and needs.

Motivational Mantras – 7 Steps to Becoming More Aware of What Drives You to Succeed

There are many among us who genuinely want to achieve success. However, there isn’t an easy way out to success. You have to imbibe certain qualities that will ensure that you become successful in life. By following the below mentioned steps, you will be able to bring that drive in you that will propel you to succeed in every sphere of life.

High School Graduation and Beyond: Opportunities and Challenges

Recently I had the pleasure of attending my granddaughter’s high school graduation. (Congratulations Allison.) I wondered what lay behind the sea of bright-eyed faces. What are their hopes, dreams and fears? Some of them breezed through the last four years. Others plodded their way through, just hoping for survival.

Help Break The Worry-Wart Habit

Are you a worry wart? Do you constantly fret and stew about everything, especially your job or your health? Worry is one of the big hazards to better health, so most doctors advise ways to get rid of it, if possible. It is bad for both mental health and physical health as well. I am no doctor, but I do have some ideas, especially if you own your own business. Worrying puts you in the worst possible position to find a way to a solution.

A Writer’s Motivation

As a young boy in the 1950’s it seemed like adults were still very focused on The War, as everyone called it. My best friend was Tim and his dad served as a Major in the US Army. Everyone called him Pete. He had an endless supply of paraphernalia from his tour of duty-sleeping bags, cool belts, hats, canteens, field glasses, etc. Tim and I used to “play war” endlessly in the back yard and the woods nearby using every prop we could. Great fun! The one thing we were forbidden to touch was his service revolver, a.45 caliber pistol, issued to officers. We shot the gun once under Pete’s supervision to see just how destructive the weapon could be. It was scary, but still exciting because my dad didn’t serve in the war, at least not in the armed services.

Cognition, Emotion and Motivation

Review and critique four current peer-reviewed research articles (published in the last 5 years) in an area related to cognitive psychology. For the group of articles compare and contrast the: theoretical frameworks, research designs, sample characteristics, hypotheses, findings, and conclusions. Present your own bias in terms of your interpretation or reaction to the article’s conclusions. Finally, relate the research to everyday life: how might the findings be relevant to the average person?

Ambition – A Quality That Creates a Positive Life

Ambition is a word that is used to describe the characteristic of people who go out and get what they want in life. They are the ones who learn how to bloom where they are planted. They are the ones who find a way to get to top in life, even if they start at the bottom. Though ambitious people are sometimes painted in a bad light, because of the intensity that they often bring to the table with everything they do, they possess a trait that is a valuable component of good personal development.

How to Be a Winner, Even If You’re Not a Major-Leaguer

He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s young. He’s got it all. He also had three years of hard luck. Can you imagine setting a world record for not accomplishing something?

Using “Haters” As Motivators

No matter what you do, some people aren’t going to like it. Learn how to brush them off.

I Pledge to Embrace The Chaos

It seems that increasingly, our world is more complex and uncertain. From the economy, to the heated political battles, to being to raise our kids with a decent education, to being able to afford a decent education! More and more, it feels like the world is in chaos.

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