KILL YOUR LAZINESS – Motivational Speech

When You Dare to Dream

Many people talk about and use the word dream without really knowing what it is. It is important to know what a dream is before we delve into the action of dreaming. A dream is a wish or fantasy to have something or be something or somebody. Normally when we talk about a dream we refer to something that is not so easy to achieve or attain.

Overcome Procrastination and Achieve Success

Far too often, individuals have goals but have not moved toward achieving them due to procrastination. If this is the case with you, then read this article to find out how to overcome procrastination and achieve success!

Getting Motivated

A little lesson learned can last a life time. The lesson that I learned first hand was when I had been CAD designing for a few years.

What Are You Waiting For? – Only Action Trumps Fear

If you are waiting for fear to subside before you act, you will never act. The fear doesn’t subside until you act. Remember a time when you woke up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare or a strange noise you heard, and you were absolutely paralyzed? You literally couldn’t move a muscle. You couldn’t even speak, let alone reach over and turn on the lamp. If you laid there waiting until the fear passed, it may have gone on indefinitely.

Overcome Procrastination – Break Work Into Smaller Tasks

We all have tools and techniques available to us the keep us organized and efficient. What stops us from achieving this is procrastination. Procrastination is a learned behavior we develop during our lives. We are not born this way! But after we have developed this behavior, we have to make an effort to become a productive individual. You have to decide to overcome procrastination, because it can cause problems not only in your job, but with your children and personal life.

Motivation Techniques For Unlocking Your Extraordinary Life!

Of course, paying someone to do a job for you is great and often makes pefect sense, being able to motivate YOURSELF is an absolutely invaluable ‘tool’ to have, especially when it comes to designing, your EXTRAORDINARY life! Seeing as it’s near enough impossible to have a motivational guru a your service 24 hours a day, I’m sure you can it makes perfect sense to become self sufficient in using useful self help motivational techniques. Make sense, right?

Motivation – Go Do It!

Doing new things and challenging yourself can bring fears and anxieties. Indeed, you can be so anxious you’ll find any excuse not to be or do the new thing you actually want in your life. This article gives you 5 essential tips to manage your fears and – go do it any way!

How to Be a Successful Internet Marketer – Motivational Marketing the Easy Way

Internet marketing can be so much fun that you don’t even realise you are working. Bring our those hidden talents for, writing, communication and leadership. The results will show for themselves…

People Who Say They Don’t Have a Passion

A lot of people are prone to saying that they don’t have any kind of passion at all. They say that they are not enthused by anything in particular and that nothing actually interests them any more than it should.

Do You Believe You Can Have a Wealthier Life?

Did you know that your beliefs can and do affect your reality? It is through your beliefs that you experience the world you are living in. How you respond is influenced by your beliefs.

Finding Your Passion

Ninety percent of the people on this earth live a passionless life. Many go through life, unconscious of who they truly are and unaware of their Highest Potential. This same 90% identifies very strongly with the external world (the one that we see, hear, touch), they personalize everything in it (my this and my that) and blame on it whatever goes wrong with them. Life happens to them and then they die, without ever embarking on that search for their passion.

Best Way to Start Off Your Day – Motivational Life Quotes

Every day could be great day if we start it off with positive mindset. In morning our mind is fresh and calm. Our whole day is affected by the way we start it off in the morning. It flows according to the thoughts that come into our mind when we wake up in morning.

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