Law of ATTRACTION Explained by Rhonda Byrnes (How to MANIFEST ANYTHING!)

How to Handle Procrastination?

What is it that holds you back? Indecision or procrastination? What does procrastination mean? How do we get stuck in this self-fulfilling cycle? What is our challenge and how to see the positive side of it so that we can get ahead.

The Power of Motivation and the Happiness That it Gives

Motivation is a force which energizes you to gratify your heart desires and strengthens you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. it can do so much for you when you search for it and find it. it is all around you, in the books and articles you read and even in the moments you share with your friends and loved ones. find out how motivation can change your life in this article.

Controlling Your Mind Power – Cultivate Accurate Thought

The tools needed for controlling your mind power, the power you need to live more of the life you desire, are already readily available in your own mind. The challenge for you is to use these tools to take possession of your mind power and direct it to the ends of your choice.

Motivation – How to Keep It

“Success requires a clear vision and consistent action.” Taking a motivational course or listening to motivational CDs is great. But what happens after 2 weeks, a month? Are you constantly putting the lessons into the action that they describe?

Dreams to Opportunity

“If you cannot see great fortunes in your imagination, you will never see great fortunes in your bank account”. What does this mean? It means if you cannot dream big and visualize your dreams, how can you get excited enough to motivate yourself to take action on any of your thoughts. I should state at this point, make your dreams realistic.

Mindset Does it to You

Your mindset determines who you can be, what you can do and all you can have. If you are not living your dream life than your mindset needs some changing.

Motivation in a Tough Economy

Always try to set your goals the night before. This allows you to dream positive thoughts of a plan to accomplish them the next day. You wake up to read the tasks you intend to accomplish that day and low and behold your mind already has a starting action plan. You are wasting precious time first thing in the morning worrying about making a plan while trying to have a relaxing breakfast. You run the risk of starting a stressful tone for the day.

Purpose and Passion – The Power to Overcome

It is within your power to achieve every goal and desire you have. You have the power to attract all the success you could ever want. It is the act of your will that over comes the mere wishing of things and to enter the realm of your true purpose and passion.

Motivating Success Quotes

There are a lot of success quotes, motivating quotes, inspiring quotes, and quotes from successful people and entrepreneurs out there. You can categorize it even from achievement, hope, happiness, survival, career, business, etc. But for me there are only four motivating success quotes that stood out from the thousands of quotes out there.

Over 40? Don’t Wait Until SOMEDAY!

It’s easy to put off things that you want to do. There is no limit to the excuses – too tired, no time, what will others think?, no money – the list goes on and on. When it comes to doing the work you really like to do, the list becomes longer. “I’ll wait till I retire. I need to pay the bills now!” That’s another popular excuse, and another favorite – “My spouse will get mad at me!”

How You Stay Stuck in Life

How the subconscious and conscious minds work to keep you stuck. You can make changes when you know how.

Find Your Passion, Educate Yourself to Make it Profitable and You Will Never Work Again in Your Life

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them” (Henry David Thoreau). Discover your strengths, find out what you are really good at and what you love doing. Then develop it to its maximum potential until you can live from it. Bingo! You’ll never feel like you’re working again, because you love what you are doing!

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