LEADERSHIP is a Skill of INFLUENCE! | Tony Robbins | #Shorts

How to Achieve Unstoppable Motivation

Often, when you figure out your life’s passion, you are excited and cannot wait to begin achieving your goals. Your motivation is in full force and you work diligently every day. Then, as each day passes, you begin to accomplish less. You force yourself to complete your daily tasks. Finally, you quit.

A Champion Forever – That is Who You Are!

You are an example and a promoter of the beautiful life in this wonderful world. You are an advocate who is in favor of the growing process and process of change that is as good as doing things right the first time.

Positive Use of Your Bad Attitude

Life is real and there is not a rewind button. Things happen and they happen for a reason. You can sit back and watch what happens to your life or you can take charge and determine what will happen in your life.

Unlimited Opportunities – Less Than You Care to Believe

We all think we have many opportunities in our lives, but the reality is that some are opportunities and some are just passing ideas. These ideas are the ones we never do anything about. Opportunities are the ones we can see as real and so we make successful.

Unleash the Kraken Within You

Last month I watched the movie Clash of the Titans starring all those Greek Gods and Goddesses. Greek Mythology was one of my favorite subjects during my high school days so I was tempted to watch it. One of the characters there is the Kraken, a legendary beast that seems invincible.

I’ll Think About Procrastination Tomorrow

If you’ve seen the movie or read the book “Gone with the Wind”, you’ll recognize this legendary line from one of the story’s principal characters, Scarlet O’Hara — I’ll think about that tomorrow. If you’re a procrastinator, this line might give you small comfort, as although you’re ready and willing to put off doing things until tomorrow, you at least think about them!

Unforgettable Self Promotion

Self promotion can be extremely effective: unless you’re focusing on yourself. Then it can be a disaster.

Learn How to Be a Hero

I love movies. I not only enjoy the spectacle, the humor, drama and music, I find it satisfying to absorb the moral of the story through the comfort of a cushy seat in an air conditioned theater. Movies, like sports, give you the chance to root, root, root for the home team, without risking your own neck.

Why Remain a Caterpillar When You Were Born to Be a Butterfly?

How often do we notice butterflies soaring in the beautiful sky, observe their gorgeous colors against the backdrop of the blue sky and envy the way they can easily glide on the gentlest of breezes and think to ourselves, how wonderful it must be to be a butterfly. The freedom and happiness that they must feel, no worries no cares.

Motivation and Lessons in Inspiration From the Best Coach I Know

Every once in a while you run into someone who has mastered the art of living, someone who doesn’t just move through life waiting for a certain time or place or person to make his or her time here a life of consequence, someone who doesn’t just live on the surface but really soaks it in; the good and the bad; someone who treats life as true adventure. I was recently treated to a visit from just such a person.

Deadline – The Magic Key

Setting goals is extremely important. Setting a Deadline propels you into action.

Losing Motivation – Staying on Top of Your Game

We make excuse after excuse as to why we break promises to ourselves. After all they are the easiest ones to break. It’s not like we have to account to anyone. Besides ourselves that is.

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