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War of the Mind

If you’re like many, then some days your mind is a war zone. Complete with the good guys (Mr glass-half-full) and the bad guys (Mr stay-in-bed-you-loser) fighting for your attention- your thoughts. Competing for valuable territory on your cerebral landscape.

I Want to Break Free!

For some reason today the hit song from Queen “I Want to Break Free” rang throughout my mind as I went about my normal day. Not sure why, but in true writer’s fashion there is some meaning behind this that I needed to put onto paper.

Why Are You Still Living Where You Are?

Are you finally fed up with your town or city? Then make a move.

Make Every Day a Masterpiece

We need to remember that we only have so many breathes to take in this life. So many heartbeats to use. So many seconds, and minutes, and days that are ours before everything becomes a memory in someone else’s life. None of us live forever, and none of us have forever, and each of us has to use our time wisely to find happiness, and peace, and joy, and love. We need to invest our time wisely, as it is the only time we get. I find many people who are older and miserable because of how they invested their time. It is never to late to change things and start moving in new directions, and it is certainly never to late to find happiness.

Is Procrastination A Habit Or A Disorder

So many people fall into the trap of procrastination and so many continue to call this behavior a bad habit that needs to be kicked. Though, we are going to be looking into the term procrastination and whether it really is a bad habit or now recently it’s being addressed as a disorder.


Everyday, we take steps forward. Sometimes they are as large as a promotion, as useful as paying the bills or as significant as spending focused time with a loved one. Consider the value of increasing the celebration in your life.

Motivation One Way or Another

What is your driving force? What keeps you going everyday? Is it your job, your family, or your livelihood? When I write about motivation I am writing about what the driving force is behind keeping you moving in the direction you need to go each day. This applies to everyone no matter if you are self-employed, or a salesman, a home-based worker, a wife, author, or husband; motivation is required to keep us in the frame of mind we need to be in order to be successful at what we are trying to achieve.

Confidence and Courage – Your Key to Success

The truth really can set you free. Once you are free, then what?! Think about this, if a movie was being made about your life, would you have the confidence to be the star in it or would you simply be a spectator? Milt Campbell, the 1956 Olympic Decathlon Gold Medal winner said: “God created you to be a champion. You have been conditioned to be a spectator.” Being confident is to know that you know – and confidence will unlock the door to your success.

So, You Want to Be a Public Speaker?

Public speaking is a curiosity; most people either love it… or are absolutely terrified of it. Some people are physically ill just saying their name in front of a group… while others will wrestle you to the ground to rip a microphone from your hand. Over the years I have done somewhere over three thousand presentations nationally and internationally (including corporate stuff, educational stuff, sporting teams, schools and fitness industry stuff). And at least five of those talks were good. Alright, three.

Can One Person Make a Difference?

Many people will often over look an idea or never take action on something because they don’t believe that they can make a difference. I often hear people ask how one person, how they, can truly make a difference in the over all scheme of things. First of all, it’s not about whether or not you make a difference. Of course we should try to, I’m not saying otherwise, but ultimately it’s about us trying regardless of whether or not we can make a difference. Second of all, one person absolutely can make a difference, and a very significant one at that.

Dealing with Procrastination

Procrastination is a problem that usually affects students, but it can be found in the working world, as well. For many students, getting an assignment that is due in two months is a great thing. They have two months to slowly work on the assignment, making necessary improvements all along the way. That is how it is supposed to be done. Other students plan to get to work on that assignment, but they never get around to it.

Gratitude Creates Miracles

Gratitude is the concentration on the fullness and abundance of life, it is like estimating the value of what we received and what we became during our life. A grateful attitude is a laudation to the Source in all its aspects and qualities.

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