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How to Make a Million Dollars – Step Five

The previous steps towards that Million Dollars, that I have written about are passion, hard work, perseverance and the ability to cope with failure and still continue.

Short Sleeves Insights – No Blame – No Shame!

We are disturbed, not by things, but by the way we perceive them-

Short Sleeves Insights – Here’s To The End!

The world as we know it is coming to an end. The world as the center of the universe, the world divided from the heavens, the world bound by horizons-

Visualization and Gratitude

Visualization and Gratitude are two important attitudes one needs to achieve their goals. It is especially useful for those who have been struggling to reach their aims.

The Law Of Attraction is Amazing

It explains about the law of attraction and how it can affect everyone including you.

Moving Forward in Life

This article deal with the ability to keep moving forward in life. This article is designed to motivate one.

Great Life – How To Find Your Purpose In Life

Throughout my life I have talked with so many people that want to have a great life but have no idea what their purpose in life is. If you want a great life you have to at least have an idea of your purpose is in life. If you don’t then it will be hard to live a great life because everything you do will not fulfil you. So how do you find your purpose?

Don’t Wait For the Shark to Bite Your Leg Off

Have you ever noticed how many people survive some type of horrendous near-death experience (drama, trauma, accident, illness) or some other significant personal tragedy (sudden loss of a loved-one perhaps)… and then realise that they have some kind of previously undiscovered (or used) amazing ability, talent or drive to do incredible things with their life?

The Secret of Real Motivation

What is the real message of motivation? Why motivation books, audios and seminars would not have any real impacts on you? Learn the truth about motivation to enhance the quality of your life.

How To Create Massive Focused Motivation In Just 10-Minutes A Day!

You are about to understand a powerful motivation creating method that will transform your desires into reality. Do you want to retire young, retire rich, be as sexy and healthy as you can be, build a business that generates an unstoppable cash flow, to be happy and live life to its fullest. You decide what you want from life.

Motivation- Do Something About It Today!

Problems with motivation are very common for people of pretty much all ages. Whether you are a young person who doesn’t have a desire to do anything in life or you are an older person who is looking for new ventures to stay motivated, it is very easy to fall into a mode of complacency. With that said, motivation is something that drives this world. Motivated people are the most successful people. Generally, they are highly motivated because they have good thinking about their goals and motivations.

Success – 3 Keys To Staying Motivated

If you are like most people, there will be times in your life when you need help to stay motivated. Sometimes you may only need a little motivation and at other times you may feel like you need all the motivation in the world. No matter what kind of motivation you need here are 3 keys to help you stay motivated.

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