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Living in an Upside Down World

Quite often when one reads and visits the corridors of Scripture they see the characters and situations as merely historical and sometimes fictional. This can often cause one to become far removed from the wealth of applicable practical wisdom endowed within the Scriptures and respond in an aloof manner to the lessons presented and overlook the wisdom lessons intended. The people, prophets, priests and kings were real genuine people, from every facet of life with authentic issues no different than what we see today.

Gratitude is the Essential Practice of NOW

Whether you’re working the Law of Attraction, practicing Buddhism, becoming an Eckhart Tolle groupie, aspiring to be a yogini, or just seeking happiness in the simplicities of life, there’s one place all the teachings promise to take you and one place that holds the riches of consciousness and that’s the present moment of NOW. So how do you get to NOW, the sweet spot of bringing your desires into physical reality? This question alone can keep you in a non-NOW existence forever.

In Search of Balance

What’s your number one challenge? Let me guess, “balance”. Balance is a function of your relationship with yourself and the place from which you create your life.

Four Reasons Why Motivation is Important

Everyone wants to be successful. But to be successful, there is an important thing you must have and that is motivation. This article gives you four reasons why motivation is important for success.

Be Strong

Life is a wonderful journey, however it has its ups and downs. It gives you fulfillment, wonder, joy, hope, peace, love etc. There are times when it presents you with sadness, misery, unhappiness and you will ask yourself some questions, as to why things have to happen to you.

How Far Would You Go For Your Dream?

How far are you willing to go success in your field. Once you answer that, ask yourself if it’s far enough to outstretch the competition. This guy is taking it pretty far and has no plans on stopping any time soon.

Relevance Really Matters

The sermon today in church was about relevance. The thesis was that relevance really matters. The pastor explained through analogy and experience how this indeed was true.

Motivation – How Do We Keep It?

The start of a new year is the traditional time when so many of us start out with ambitious plans to make changes in our lives. Unfortunately, for many of us those plans never get off the ground. Staying motivated is the key to lasting change but staying motivated takes some real soul searching.

If You Call, You Can Have Confidence

Have confidence and you can face any challenge in life. Self confidence is an important quality to succeed in life. To develop it just C.A.L.L.

Where Has Your Focus Been?

We all know we get distracted and off course from time to time. We begin to ask what happened? Why is this not working? What am I doing wrong?

How Strong is Your Desire?

If you are not reaching your goal in life, maybe you need to check how strong your desire is to achieve this goal. Are you willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to reach this goal?

What Makes One Person More Desirable Than Another?

If failure is only a mindset and not a condition how then could you tap into the ultimate means of empowerment? How can your mind churn out success day after day? Would you be ready and willing to accept success on its terms?

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