Learn To Take On Fears! | Elon Musk | #Shorts

How to Silence the Chorus of Naysayers in Your Head

This is a “special letter” to people who want to ramp up their attraction quotient, get the most out of life, start a business, grow a business be irresistibly, audaciously attractive to all that they desire and deserve. Are you ready to play a bigger game?

Better Life – How To Prepare For A Better Life

Having a better life is a great goal to have but you should be properly prepared for what lies ahead. So many people want…

Three D’s for Doing

Are you having trouble getting that pet project off the ground? It could be that a step-by-step approach would help. Here are some suggestions.

Motivation And Encouragement – You Need To Read This

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you feel you should be further along than you are? Or maybe you wonder if…

Sin to Succeed

Have you missed that goal again? It sounded great, when you formed it. Don’t beat yourself up. There could be something positive here. Let’s explore.

Goals or Resolutions

Making goals is easy, it’s keeping them that is hard. Let’s re-think the reason for making goals. There may be a better way.

First Class or Steerage

Would you like to always go First Class? Would you like to be treated in this manner? The one who most likely holds you back is you. It’s time you moved to the First Class section. Your seat is waiting.

Keep Climbing

God wins His greatest victories through apparent defeats. Often you may think that our enemy triumphs, but there’s a moment when God enters in and upsets the work of the devil, overthrowing the apparent victory, as the Bible says, “He frustrates the ways of the wicked.”

Dream Interpretation of Places in Your Dreams (Part 1)

Had an odd dream lately where you found yourself in the most unlikely places? Our dreams are always telling us something, and the venues and settings in our dreams contribute a whole new layer and impact to their meanings. Here are analysis of places you visit (or will visit yet) in your dreams.

Motivational Wisdom – How To Advance To Perfection

Sometimes the best wisdom is found in the simplest form. Have you ever found yourself trying to perfect things in your life so much that…

Discover a Wealth of Attributes – Feel Good

Wealth is what you have. What you do with the wealth you’ve been given can become your success and prosperity, or your limitations. What are you doing with the wealth God gave you?

Discover the Purpose of Life – Maximize Your Success Ratios

What is the connection between purpose and success? A powerful principle is at work, bringing your values to the forefront and there you are waiting? Do you know your purpose? I have a list of purposes you may choose from, today. What are you waiting for?

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