Let Go and Move On | Motivational Speeches Video Compilation

Backing Ourselves In – By Faith

The concept of submission confuses many a Christian. We’ve perhaps all fallen for it. Ordinarily submission is a good thing. But there are two types of submission; one enshrined in the wisdom of righteousness, the other a submissive folly based in the fear of timidity.

When Running Doesn’t Work

The other day I woke up and was immediately depressed. What do we do on days like this? Usually I’ll try going for a run to get myself going. But what happens when running doesn’t work? Little did I know, but on that day I had already set myself up to be saved from my mood.

Three Keys to Success and Goal Achievement

This article goes into detail about three keys to success… motivation, perseverance, and a positive attitude. Enjoy the motivational quotes as part of the article.

I’ll Be Coyote, Wolf, Dingo and Doggone

Insanity has been defined by popular culture as doing the same thing over and over again… and expecting different results. In this particular context, “Wiley Coyote,” blinded by his always futile, always back firing, always misfiring, ACME devised obsession to best the “Road Runner” most definitely appears to be insane.

Why Popularity Doesn’t Matter

Popularity is quite an unreasonable hope. Not everyone, and not even most, will ever be satisfied with their levels of achievement in comparison with what they preconceived regarding popularity. In this sense it doesn’t matter – what we achieve and what we don’t. Life is really too short for us to be tricked into counting how many gum nuts we’ve collected along the way. Taking pride in our collection of gum nuts will give very little real satisfaction.

How to Motivate Yourself to Accomplish Your Work

How do you motivate yourself to do the work that needs to be done even when you do not want to do it? Let’s start by making a list of things to do each day. Break down the list into manageable task and reward yourself for completing each task.

The Things That Motivate You – Why Identifying Your Real Focus Is Key To Your Success

If your life isn’t going in the direction you want it to, have a look at the things that motivate you, and what you’re really focusing on. Understanding what you naturally focus when the pressure is off on can give you great insights into what’s really driving you.

The Mightiest Motivator and How to Use It

What motivates them? Defying the laws of gravity, they rise up to reach beyond everything they have ever known. Over and over they fall. How do they triumph? How can you?

Motivation Tips – 7 Ways to Begin Taking Action on Your Aspirations

A lack of motivation can stop you dead in your tracks. When this happens you have a hard time accomplishing your goals. This article gives you 7 ways to start taking action towards realizing your dreams.

5 Attributes A Motivational Speaker Must Posses

There are several ways to tell if a motivational speaker is any good at what he/she does. Some say that it is the way they capture the audiences’ attention to what they are presenting, while others say that it is the way a speaker leaves a lasting impression on the listeners. One way of telling if the motivational speaker is any good is to ask around from the audience…

Spontaneous Things to Do

Creativity is part of a mindset. The Law of Attraction is the cause and effect that involves the many elements in the living environment of any person.

Try Not to Kill Yourself – A Question of Motivation

Motivation has always confused me. It seems that more and more people are depressed now-a-days and more and more companies are seeking the Rosetta stone that will enable them to move to that “next level”. Everyone is looking for their own external motivation.

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