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Conquer Procrastination and Fear That Overcomes You

If the thought of tackling your next project causes your heart to pound, and your stomach to clench. If you get tired or overwhelmed just thinking of all you need to do. If you find yourself going to the “fridge” and using food as an alternate activity, instead of getting to the task at hand. There is Hope! Yes, even for you, who have this habit of procrastination down to an eloquent science.

How Feeling “Ugly” Can Help You Prosper

The middle zone of the ring finger, when it is the strongest of the three zones, represents the material aspects of creativity. These can include design in many forms (clothing, furniture, jewelry) and arts & crafts.

The Hands of a Famous Personality – Leeza Gibbons

Leeza Gibbons burst onto the Hollywood scene as a host on Entertainment Tonight before going on to host her own Emmy-award-winning TV Show, “Leeza.” She is the host of the radio show, “Hollywood Confidential” and founder of The Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation, which is dedicated to providing inspiration and support for the sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease and their families. Leeza created the foundation when her mother was stricken with the disease. Leeza was also a dancer on the 4th season of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Pain Comes When You’re at One Level But Want to Be at Another

Determination means you have to move. For me, the move was painful, but so was staying where I was. I just had to decide which pain was greater.

Just When Things Are Great – They Crash

Responsibility starts with YOU too, become the change you want to be. If YOU change your environment MUST change to reflect it.

How Long Can You Stare at a Person Who is Depressed? And Do Nothing About It

Riches? Wealth, affluence, I admit, does attract me; I am exposed to so much in life; in fact, I am still somehow materialistic. I do not want to live outside my comfort zone.

Have it ALL in 2009!

Have you set your goals for 2009? Are they manageable and realistic?

How Small Successes Breed Confidence

For you to succeed, to be happy and fulfilled in your life, you must have self confidence. To make a presentation, to hold a meeting, to invite friends over to your place for a party, for you to attend a social networking event, whatever it is, you will need to have self confidence.

Causes of Procrastination – Do it Now Or Regret it Later

“Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today,” so says the famous adage. Yet people all over the world still do things at the last minute. What are the real causes of procrastination?

6 Steps to Motivate Yourself When You’ve Lost Interest in Your Work

What do you do when it’s getting harder and harder to face Monday morning? When you have to stop yourself from rolling your eyes at management meetings? When your only bright spot of the morning is the prospect of lunch?

Why You Need to Be Doing What You Love, Not What They Tell You to Do!

I was driving down the street the other day and in the distance I saw a pigeon in the middle of the road. I didn’t hit the brake since, after all, he’s a pigeon, he can fly right? My car kept getting closer to this bird and he wasn’t moving.

An Important Midlife Question – Are You Making the Most of Your Dash?

We only have one dash – and by the time we reach midlife we’re already halfway through it! So it’s an opportune time to ask ourselves this important question to ensure we make the most of our one, very precious dash.

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