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Own Your Power – Make What You Think About You a Priority

The key to owning your own power is to make what you think about yourself a priority over what others think about you. Be true to what your inner self tells, you and you will transform your life.

People of Inspiration

This article features people who have been source of my inspiration in living. It includes Hellen Keller, Corrie ten Boom and John Wesley.

Powerful Motivation – How to Discover Your Big Why

Do you know your “Big Why” in your life? Your Big Why is your most powerful reason for taking certain actions every day that will drive you and pull you toward you big goals and dreams in life. Your Big Why is your ultimate source of powerful motivation. Without it, you will likely fall short of attaining your hopes and dreams. The personal discovery of your Big Why may be one of the most important things you will ever do in your life. Learn exactly how to discover your Big Why – the magnet that will powerfully propel you to success and attract the life you want.

Giving Thanks Goes With A Melodious Heart

The Christian attitude of appreciation helps to improve both physical and mental health, and as well, reaffirms relationship with the Lord. The natural attitude of focusing on the magnitude of a problem unconsciously helps in no smaller measure to magnify such a problem which later brings one into a state of worry or anxiety.

Motivation of Hard Working: Neighbors Can Be Role Models

Though these words sound harsh, it is something everyone looking to pursue a life of success should honestly take into account. People tend to be lazy and not really work hard for their goals and dreams. Instead, they hardly work and then complain hours on end about how they are getting nowhere in life. The sad fact is, they could simply work harder instead of wasting those hours complaining to begin with!

Beginning Your Social Circle

Friends come and go. We lose friends due to certain circumstances like change of work, moving from one house to another or lost contact, among others. Keep in mind that you can always rekindle relationships with long lost friends.

Unemployed Or Unemployable?

The fact is that many educated and experienced people have trouble finding employment. Why is that? Because they have failed to realize that they are NOT employees! They are actually employers. How do you figure that? Well, it’s simple. Our school system is set up to create employees not employers.

Low Frustration Tolerance – Three Strategies to Build Your Tolerance for Frustration

If you have a low tolerance for frustration, you will frequently be unable to achieve your dreams. By implementing these three simple strategies, you can actually increase your tolerance for frustration which will make a major difference in your life.

3 Laser-Sharp Strategies to Stomp Out Fear

Stomp out fear and watch your business soar. Fear is something that holds people back from pursuing their goals and dreams. But what is fear? Les Brown said, “FEAR is nothing more or nothing less than False Evidence Appearing Real. A life of fear brings with it anxiety, stress, frustration and anger which inevitably results in a loss of joy and hope. If we don’t learn how to confront and control fear, we risk losing our emotional and physical health and ultimately the joy of living. Here are some strategies to use when you are confronted by fear.

Walking Along Your Success Path

Let me ask you this question: “Why is it that success is so elusive to most people despite the fact that there is a pathway to it?” If you cannot tell me the answer, then I will tell you. The simple reason is that most people refuse or fail to tread the success path.

Discarding Your Thermometer for Thermostat

In my motivational talk at the seminar we organised on Friday, October 1, 2010 in Lagos, Nigeria to celebrate Nigeria’s independence anniversary, a golden jubilee for that matter, I asked the audience this question: “How would you describe yourself – a thermostat or thermometer?” I asked this question because, in addition to celebrating national independence, we also needed (and need) to be celebrating personal independence. And one’s choice between a thermometer and thermostat will determine to a great extent, achievement of his or her personal independence.

Embracing Possibility Thinking For Success

Most people in the second language environment habitually pretend that English Language is “sequentially” their “mother tongue”. That is, the first language in their acquired languages. They pretend that they do not understand or speak their local languages as much as they understand or speak English.

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