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Bridge the Gap Between Success and Failure

Running a business takes a lot of hard work, but it will all pay off when you bridge the gap between success and failure. Finding time to make phone calls to potential customers or the time needed to write up the script for a training call you’re putting on could very well be the gap between success and failure.

Super Bowl Sized Goals Require A Super Bowl Sized Commitment

If you want to get more, you have to give up more. That’s a life law. There is no way around it. No shortcuts. A Super Bowl achievement requires a Super Bowl commitment.

Motivational Flying

When one thinks of flying they envision themselves in another dimension. When one is truly motivated it is like motivational flying. It creates all those same feelings that one experiences when soaring through the skies.

Influencing Is the Key

Just like men, women also need to have exceptional qualities in order to be good at business. Amongst the qualities women need to have, being able to influence people is one of them. Influencing others is not something which everyone is comfortable or capable of doing but with practice, and when the right strategy and right behavior is adopted, it is certainly quite possible.

Servant Leadership

Ladies & Gentlemen…Are you a humble Leader? Are you a Leader that possess that rare quality where you can be Strong in your convictions but humble in your judgment? If not, I am here to say, unequivocally, that is THE “Paradox” of Leadership! Welcome to the “challenge” of True Leadership…

How Do We Turn Our World Around, We Go Back to Basics

The actual percentage of those with an innate ability to rise above the norm and achieve beyond amazing successes in their fields of endevour is really quite low. The recent disasters that threw us or rather flung us into a recession cum depression indicates how vulnerable we are to the evil forces of greed and why advances in education are essential. An educated consumer in many worldly affairs will never tolerate the disarmament of their dignity to self-serving imbeciles irrespective of authority. Take away everything you love and I mean everything not leaving any attachments whatsoever…

Change the World’s Story by Changing Your Own Story

Because you are reading this, you already realize that your choices determine the qualities of the life you experience. As you look at today’s world it is easy to focus on the terrible challenges that we face, and to forget that they really represent greater opportunities than our species has ever faced.

8 Original Quotes to Encourage You on Your Way to The Top

The top is not a physical place that people go to. It refers to a state of being where you’ve achieved outstanding, top results and you have a reward for your efforts as you were setting small goals and achieving them. No one can define for you what the “top” is. You have to decide what it is that you will have become and in possession of if you are at the top. Some are blessed enough to reach the top miraculously in speedy accelerated fashion. Some may need to take steps to get there. I share some of these steps.

Discovering Compassion

Discovering compassion usually comes from experiencing either emotional or physical suffering. This story takes us through an experience that reaches into our hearts so we can respect all those around us no matter what they do, or what they look like. We learn what it means to have compassion for our fellow human beings.

How to Have a Relationship With Jesus

By simply being alive, you already have a relationship with Jesus but it may not be as brilliant as perhaps you may desire it to be. However, everything has a place and maybe now is the time for your place in history to connect with your inner spirit. Our perceptions of life and its vagaries may cloud our vision of who Jesus is and how we may become acquainted with him. Question for you now relates to why you want to have a relationship with Jesus at this particular time. What experiences are you expecting, how may they influence your life, and how will they focus your attention towards positive inspiration?

Correlation of Motivation and Success

Motivation is the desire and willingness of a person to achieve or to do something. It is the force that drives us to action to achieve something in life, Motivation is the desire and willingness of a person to achieve or to do something. It is the force that drives us to action to achieve goals in life, be it in business, in sports, in health, in school and in competitions.

Motivation Power Supply

Once you have made the decision that you are going to use motivation to change your life and get the things from life that you want, you need to find a motivation power supply. In other words you need to arm yourself.

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