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How to Stay Motivated Throughout Your Hectic Schedule

It is not uncommon to find oneself in a situation, where staying motivated is just not possible. It is one of those things that seem so out of control and it happens at crucial moments, making it something we may (or may not) regret later. So the key question in such a situation would be, “How does one stay motivated?”

The One Birthday Wish I Did Not Receive This Year

We all have something that we want to get for our birthdays. Unfortunately, this is the first year that I did not receive a gift that I really wanted.

When Your Dreams Die

Would you like a recipe for staying young? From earliest times men have believed that their search for the fountain of youth would be rewarded. They have sought it much as a man goes in search of happiness, only to find that the secret of both youth and happiness lie in the same place, within themselves.

Have You Lost Your Way?

Are you missing out on the landscape of life? Are you living or existing? You can live the life you were ordained to live. You can work your way back to Him!

You Can’t Do This, So Don’t Even Try!

Stop telling yourself that you can’t. Email storytelling. Copywriting.

Yes, You Have The Courage!

John Wayne once said “Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway”. You see, it is okay to be afraid; however, it is not okay for you not to do anything about it.

I Successfully Manage Challenges in Life

As we go through life, discouragements and nasty storms may hit us so hard, that we consider throwing in the towel. Life is never easy, and you may not know how courageous you really are, until you are in a situation, where the only thing that will save you is your courage. Your inner strength not only has the ability to persist through hardship, but also the ability to wait out the storm. Learn from a palm tree, when the winds are blowing hard it will just bend, and after the storm passes, it stands tall once again. As with the palm tree, nothing can get you down, if you build on your inner strength, and take charge of your thoughts

Tick-Tock, Time Is Running Out

Have you ever stopped and wondered how the people of the future would remember the times we lived in? Would they remember us for all of the revolutionary ideas we came up with? Would they remember us as the first people who connected the whole world through the Internet? Or maybe they would remember our time on this planet as the start of a new age. In this article, Harsha might just give you the wake up call you need to live a better life.. Read on..

Developing One’s Internal Seed Of Perseverance

Perseverance will allow us stare down barrels of “impossibilities” and see nothing but “Possibility” – we will see, not: “Impossible” rather “I’m Possible!” Develop perseverance!

Solutions For a Career Slump

If you’ve never been in a “slump” at work, chances are you will be at some time. Here’s what you need to do to turn it around.

OMG! You Look Fabulous

Motivation is the key to success and achieving our goals. The importance of being able to complements is part of the process. How often do you block complements and hinder your motivation levels?

Finding Strength in New Challenges

Do not fear or lose hope. Being courageous will help you overcome any obstacle you face in life, and turn bad situations into awesome opportunities, with amazing possibilities. So be encouraged in every new situation to look for the positive, have courage and find the strength within you to carry on, and conquer every new situation. Please share and follow!

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