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The Revelation of the Secret of Happiness – Short Inspirational Story

While meditating, I wanted to know who was happiest on earth and I had the vision of traveling to different places and for some reason, I found myself at a mansion, a house of many rooms; this house did not lack anything but had everything modern and in abundance. Then, I could feel the hearts of the persons, the owner of the house wanted more wealth and I could see that he was hardly home, he traveled a lot, looking for something more and his mind was busy in reaching fame and fortune. I could also see that the lady of the house, enjoyed of gatherings and her main worry was not about the reunions but about the clothes that she would wear and how the others would see her. She needed to show her power and control.

Endless Bins of Jeans – A Story of Motivation

Have you ever met someone that wanted nothing other than to do a great job? Here is the story of one such lady.

5 Ways to Transform Mediocrity Into Magnificence

The definition of mediocrity is powerlessness, helplessness, weakness and limitation. The definition of magnificent is brilliant, awe-inspiring, significant and wonderful.

Intangible Voice of Motivation

In order, for you, to connect and express YOUR Intangible Voice of Motivation, which is nothing less than your individual Soul’s Assignment, you must first want to discover the obscurely veiled talents, gifts and abilities that lie repressed in you. Then, after acknowledging and agreeing that you are ready to receive the ‘pool of work’ attached, you must also agree to volunteer the time, effort, inclination, interest and experience required to explore, expose and use these gifts for your benefit and pleasure. This will certainly involve a different, more acutely defined way of interacting with yourself, dreams, relationships, work, and environment.

Self Motivation, Your Key to Success

Motivation can comes in various forms; such as the motivation to be happy, motivation to be successful in your career and motivation to lose weight. Not doing anything about our life is also a motivation except it is a negative motivation.

How to Motivate Yourself to Succeed – 10 Simple Tips

When we’re in hot pursuit of our dreams and goals it can feel effortless, but when enthusiasm wanes so can our motivation. Sometimes we falsely believe that our dream or goal is the problem, but truthfully what we need are stronger motivation muscles. We need a motivated mindset.

Keep Moving, Get Going

Failure is a form of feedback, not eternal, but temporary. Do not destroy your hopes and dreams.

Believe in Yourself

Feeling like you are lower than dirt is terrible. Yet, I would say there are many of you reading this article right now who feels that way.

You Are What You Think, Go Forward With Confidence

You are what you think. Do you think you are capable? Your belief in yourself determines your goals and whether or not you reach them.

A “Slumdog” Choice

If you have not yet seen the movie, you’ve certainly heard about it. What would a real life ‘slumdog’ have to say that can jump start our lives and help us make better, real, positive decisions every day, every time?

How to Be an Extreme Encourager

Extreme encouragers are often mystics of sorts. They know that the so-called “woo-woo” stuff is more real than the so-called “logical” stuff. Encouragers know that encouragement doesn’t mean you just tell people to “buck up” or “get over it.” They know how to listen.

What Can the NCAA Final Four Teach Us About Passion?

After watching the National Collegiate Atheletic Association (NCAA) basketball teams play last weekend, it seems to me that passion is very much alive and well. Lessons learned from last weekend games is proof, people are motivated to success, read on and I will explain.

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