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Be a Man – Don’t Sabotage Yourself, You Don’t Hate Yourself – Learn to Short Circuit Your Mind

Learn to bypass your Mind. Stop treating your Mind as if it’s your Manhood. Don’t be naive. Your logic and reason, your MIND, isn’t a tool reserved for your inner Man.

Be a Man: Stop Trading Emasculation for Benefits, Compromise Shrinks Manhood

Read this to learn how you’re selling out your own Manhood. If you sell your Manhood out for advantages, you might as well put your balls on the auction block. But who would buy those shrunken dessicated sacks, now that you’ve drained them of everything Manly.

Be a Man, Gain Confidence In Yourself, Without Others’ Validation

Abandon validation and you’re one step closer to reaching your potential as a Man. This article will help you.

Be a Real Man – Cheating Your Way to Manhood: Get “Training Wheels”

Training wheels on the way to Manhood, or anything, can be helpful. But don’t be stupid, you can’t cheat your way all the way to anything. Might need a boost in the beginning though…

‘Just Interested Souls’ Versus ‘Committed Souls’

Everyone in this world wants to succeed in doing one thing or the other; however, there are few who would be genuinely ready to pay the price the word ‘success’ asks for – what is that price exactly? Well, when it comes to paying a price for the achievement of anything people want to succeed in, broadly speaking, I personally divide individuals into two categories.

A Mountainous Thought Extended Into An Article

How do we all make the impossible totally possible? That is the mountainous, questioning thought that I will extend into an article.

How To Refresh Your Mind To Be Wealthy

How much money do you earn? This is one of the most fundamental questions you can ever be asked. Don’t let it upset you that I ask this question. We know that America is one of the world’s wealthiest countries, with more opportunities than anywhere but did you realise that 95% of people are broke by the age of 65.

What Does the Dalai Lama Say About the Purpose of Life?

However, imagine if your purpose of life were to seek happiness! Living it would completely transform your experience of your life and how you see the world! You may have some gremlins, those negative voices in your head, coming up and saying, “What if I’m too happy? What if people think I’m crazy?” You might well stand out from the crowd because, quite honestly, so few people are overtly happy. However, resist the urge to give in to the temptation to just fit in.

The Past Predicts the Future?

Does the past predict the future? Can we be sure that if we interact with others we’ll get the same results? Do we ever really know what is going to happen next?

Cultivating Work Ethic

I had the pleasure of listening to a recent lecture by a researcher in child psychology. One of the most interesting findings involved an experiment of 7th grade students. All students were asked to perform a set of some moderate difficulty math problems.

The Best Motivation Comes When We Learn To Have Fun

The best way to succeed is to learn to have fun and be happy in the things we do. This is when we are most creative and have the highest level of motivation to do things. When we are able to do this, we no longer need to push ourselves to be motivated, it just happens and procrastination is no longer an issue.

Are They Ever Going To Change?

How many times do we wish people would change or circumstances would change? We often remark how we don’t understand how people act how they do or why bad things continue to happen to us. We see others who don’t do what they are supposed to do and continue to get ahead while we are trying to do the right thing and continue to struggle.

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