Listen To This and Change Yourself – Best Motivational Speeches Compilation

Compete to Complete Your Goals

Human beings are competitive by nature. We like to succeed and we like to do better than other people. We like to go where others have never been, we like to excel past our peers. Whether it’s a biological urge for resources or a sacred urge to move ourselves closer to the divine is not as…

Journal Your Goals

Motivation can be really difficult to maintain. Think about it- the most important work, the work that tends to move us towards our long term goals tends to be small, seemingly inconsequential work. Moving closer to your dreams tends to involve doing a million small tasks that eventually build up to something great. Those little tasks are often difficult to feel motivated to…

How to Put Prayer in Motion – “Three Steps”

It’s all about prayer. Nothing else but prayer will bring down a mountain of struggles and pain. There is nothing else that would completely heal you body. There is nothing else that could make a blind man gains his visibility and a lame man get up and walk but prayer. Everything begins and ends with prayer.

Stay Motivated With Constant Inspiration

Famous motivational speaker Zig Zigler had a great quote about staying on track. He said that “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily.”

How to Deal With Motivational Issues As an Ongoing Part of Your Job

Employee motivation is one of the required attributes of an effective leader. Everyone needs to understand this skill.

Why We All Need Supporters Cheering Us On!

It is as important to be supported as to support others. We cannot operate in seclusion.

How to Take Action in Life

Over the years I have heard many people talk about how hard it is to take action and pursue their goals. They say that they constantly get caught up and don’t know where to start. They say that they feel it is easy to take action if you are privileged, but if you are starting at a “low point” it is a whole other story.

The Importance of Motivation and Goal Setting

Goals are important in life, but they need to be the right goals for us. Too hard and they can work against us, too easy and they are ineffectual. It is important to take the time to set goals that motivate and encourage.

How to Stay Motivated – Action Takes Energy

Hand written notes and phone calls are still an action that will create a reaction. This reaction is a motivating way to serve yourself and your clients for years to come.

Consistency is Key

Consistency then means that if I am to be successful in martial arts, I must make a commitment to practice. If I fail to practice but still continue attending classes and seminars, then I become a phony.

Overcoming a Lack of Motivation

Motivation is what keeps us going and when we lack it everything becomes a chore. Learn ways to overcome a lack of motivation and you are on your way to success.

Easy Motivational Tips

Motivation is that which helps you realize your dreams. Fill yourself with a passion for life with these easy motivational tips.

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