Why Are We So Afraid of Change?

My laptop is on a go slow… in fact it’s so slow, my Twitter feed is still in this morning, it’s only just downloaded yesterday’s emails & Facebook has taken so long to load, I’m wondering whether I’ll ever be able to update my status before it gets dark.

The Keys to Being and Staying Motivated

Let’s face it, there are some mornings when you don’t want to get up and get going. On the other hand, there are some mornings when you eagerly get up and happily face the day. Let’s take a close look at this situation. What motivates you are fundamentally what you anticipate as being a result of your actions.

Do You Need To Change Course

Just because you think you are heading in the right direction doesn’t mean you are and it doesn’t mean you aren’t. So what’s the answer, how do we know if we are heading in the right or wrong direction in life? There are leaders, followers and those who don’t fit into either group and I’m not referring here to CEO’s, executives or people in charge of others but rather everyone who is on a life path into the future whatever that means, whatever it manifests or whatever it entails along the way.

At What Point Do Excuses Become Extinct?

Excuses are barriers that can cause you to delay the success that you deserve. Excuses are lame justifications for why we are not taking action over our lives and our businesses? We are capable of making time for movies, vacations, and personal purchases but we struggle to find time to invest in ourselves and in our futures.

Are You Motivated? Stop Procrastination

Have you been thinking of starting an online business for ages but finding it difficult to become sufficiently motivated? It might be fear of the unknown holding you back, worrying about insufficient knowledge, concerned you cannot afford it, will it work etc. Our book review page might be just what you need to find the perfect book to give you the enthusiasm, passion and confidence to begin.

The Myth of Motivation and The Law of Engagement

First, what is motivation? Here is an answer from Wikipedia: Motivation is a theoretical construct, used to explain behavior. It is the scientific word used to represent the reasons for our actions, our desires, our needs, etc.

Just Because A New Door Opens Doesn’t Mean We Have To Go Through It

If I hear one more time, “When one door closes another one opens” I think I am going to throw up. Yes, as we go through life lot’s of doors close – a career that changes, a business that fails, a relationship that ends or the transition from one significant life season to another but this doesn’t mean that when these happen we need to rush through the first open door that presents itself.

Conversations That Matter

Avoiding those tough conversations is never easy. Telling someone you have changed your mind about something. Ending a relationship. Forgiving someone. Letting go of hurtful feelings or regrets about what was said or not said. Disagreeing when you know it will create conflict. Sharing intimate secrets that you have avoided.

Struggle Is Normal

You might think the title of this article is negative or at a minimum out of touch or even stupid. Well, you may be right but I have not met anyone in my life that hasn’t experienced struggle at some point in their life so from my perspective that makes it normal. Desired? No. Hard to handle or overcome? Yes. Necessary? It depends. But normal – read on.

To Read Or Not To Read That Is The Question

I can’t tell you how many people have said to me over the years, “I don’t read. I don’t have the time. I don’t like to read. Or, I have better things to do.” Give me a break will you! No offense intended but people who don’t read are missing a great deal in life and are short changing their ability to realize their dreams, desires or goals.

If You Had Three Life Wishes

I’m not your personal Genie but let me ask you – if you had three life wishes what would they be and one of them can’t be you want more wishes? Better health? Better relationships? More money? Better career? Happiness? Inner peace? Power, fame or control over your life? These could go on for pages but the question remains – what would your three wishes be or better still – why haven’t they become a reality in your life and are still desires, needs or wants?

The Motivation of No

I have been in sales for my entire life. Everyone is in sales and if you think you are not, you are mistaken. We are always trying to convince someone to see things our way.

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