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Motivate Yourself Through Habit

The thin edge of the wedge has been used for years to help people understand the value of will power to reach their goals. The story goes, don’t let the thin edge of the wedge (the bad habit) get back in at all or it will literally drive a wedge into your new behavior. For me this has always proven to be the kicker, that thin edge always works it’s way back in there. What about using that thin edge as a force for good in your life?

How to Get Yourself Motivated and Stay Motivated

Life is wonderful. Life is great. How blessed are we that we have a new opportunity every 24 hours?

Encouragement Quotes: How to Make Your Own Positive Thinking Motivational Quote Poster and Postcards

Using encouragement quotes, quotes on positive thinking and other positive phrases to motivate yourself to take action is a great tool for success. Keeping these good quotes around you, however, is more important than most people would first guess. This article explains the importance of keeping quotes for positive thinking, positive attitude quotes and other good quotes around you, as well as tells you how to embark on making your own postcards and posters to get you going in the right direction.

Why Motivation Is Often Not In The Workplace

It is not an original observation to say that in most work places we find that most people are not highly motivated. In many cases they are not motivated at all. They need to work and their commitment to and engagement with their employer extends no further than the next pay cheque. This is not a desirable state of affairs, and there are many reasons for it, but perhaps the most unnoticed aspect of the whole business is how little attention employers pay to the issue. It’s as if most of them live in a world where motivation of staff – and of themselves – is the least important thing, and having the least impact of all on the bottom line. Unfortunately this assumption is wrong, but if we look deeper, matters are much worse.

Are You Being Beaten by Resistance?

When you are in a position to make big, bold changes in your life and you make a commitment to really go for them – that is when resistance can begin to show up. And it shows up in surreptitious and sneaky ways.

Motivating Potential Student Enrollees

Representatives from various colleges hold meetings for high school students to motivate them to enroll in their school. These representatives come from distinctive and well known colleges from all over the nation and state and as motivational speakers they will encourage and motivate high school students to enroll in these colleges to have a brighter job opportunity and to have a college degree.

Keeping Our Hopes Alive

The Biggest Challenge in this world for us is not to keep ourselves alive, but to keep our Hopes alive. This is because, Hopes are very important in our lives, which plays a significant positive role in leading a successful life. Hopes will play a invisible, but a very strong role in taking us to the desired destination.

Five Ways to Beat Procrastination and Get Stuff Done

Everyone suffers from procrastination from time to time. There are two types of activity that you procrastinate on: things you don’t want to do and projects which are so close to your heart that you are nervous to do anything towards them. These five tips will help you to understand why you procrastinate and more importantly will give you some tips to get moving again.

You Are Dying

Imagine you heard those words from a doctor following a diagnosis. What thoughts would be going through your mind? What would you wish you had done more of, or wish you that had never done? Would you feel satisfied with the life you had lived, or be full of regrets? The reality is that you are dying. So where does that leave you?

Motivational Television Advertisements

When you turn on your television during prime time (between 6-9pm) you’ll find these motivational commercials and charity commercials that are all about fund raising, adopting a pet, and helping those who suffered from calamities. These ads hire motivational speakers and sometimes celebrities to endorse their campaign and to entice and motivate people into helping and donating.

The Doctor’s Dilemma

Life is full of decision-making and there are many times in a doctor’s life when you have to stop and ask yourself: ‘Which direction shall I take now?’ in relation to your career path or to issues in your personal life. This is the doctor’s dilemma.

How To Manage Your State

I agree with the concept that a person’s “state” is the same as their level of energy. To be able to manage your state, you must first be aware of what energy level you are at.

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