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Building More Mental Strength

As part of a plan to assist you in building your mental strength I recommend that you copy these words and place them in a conspicuous position where you will read them daily. Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness…

Motivation And Personality – Know Your Type

Life is the best teacher, and learning from every situation will help you stay motivated and focused. You can derive your motivation from internal sources like an event or a life changing experience. Prayers and faith are also great motivating factors.

Procrastination – 7 Favourite Disguises Of The Silent Assassin Called Procrastination

Do you realise what a devious and silent assassin procrastination is? It can slip in undetected and choke your creativity before you’ve even realised. In this article, the top 7 favourite disguises procrastination loves to use are revealed: You may be surprised at what you read:

That’s It Never Again

Do you remember the first time you tripped, from not tying your shoe? Or falling a few times as you learned how to ride a bicycle? While growing up we have learned lessons from these and other experiences. Lessons are a part of life as breathing is a part of living. Lessons often occur out of times of disappointing results. While growing up, we have learned from these lessons, always tie your shoes and eventually how to balance on a bicycle.

Dwell in Possibilityland

Break out of your life! Dare to dream of possibilities filled your joy, passion and creativity. It all starts by looking inside, getting the support of a coach and taking one courageous step.

Applying the Brakes to Wonder Woman

If you are like most women, you are trying to keep your head above water in this speed-crazed world, stretched too thin on your time and juggling ten projects at a time. Sound familiar! We consider ourselves “wonder women” and sometimes “we look at ourselves and we wonder!”

Rocky Balboa Has It Sussed!

If you are in your 30’s-40’s (or even older) you most probably grew up with Rocky. Even if you had never watched any of his films most of us could identify the theme tune from the Rocky movies, and most of us laughed at the way he spoke (or mumbled).

Instant And Powerful Motivation Boosters That Work

Cannot find the courage to go on? If you have a vision and you are at the stage of life where everything seems to be going wrong for you, this article will shed some light into how you can pick yourself up and get yourself going again…

Discover What You Want To Be When You Grow Up – For Men And Women Over 50

Are you over 50, wondering what you want to be when you grow up? Is the book of your life a page turner or is it putting you to sleep? It’s never too late! Hire a life coach and get excited about your next chapter.

5 Steps to Overcome Procrastination

Make procrastination a thing of the past. Try these 5 steps to keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

The Reasons that Cause a Person to Procrastinate

In this article we look at what reasons cause a person to procrastinate. We also look at the ways in which can prevent themselves from procrastinating.

Procrastination – Debunking the Myth

One of the most common characteristics that all human beings share is the tendency to procrastinate. Recently I examined my own beliefs around procrastination, in an attempt to better understand why I procrastinate, when it works for me and when it doesn’t.

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