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Business Motivational Quotes Offer Positivity to Any Work Environment

The world of business today is competitive, grueling, and can often leave employees with less than desirable morale. A tough economy, in combination with the demands put on workers, makes motivational techniques essential to any company. Quotes are one of the easiest ways to inspire staff members without having to dig deep into a set budget.

Dare to Desire: Live The Life You Dream About

I have a dream, a dream that is mine and mine alone. A desire so strong, so deep, so powerful, so heart-wrenchingly close to my heart that the thought of never achieving that desire is devastating. I can see my dream, so vividly, so colorfully, and so real, that it feels like it isn’t a dream but a vision of what is yet to come.

Perfecting Your Keynote Presentation

As a keynote speaker it is very crucial that you must smooth out the bumps of your presentation. One of the best way to tell if your presentation was successful is to pass out evaluation forms for your audience to rate you on how you did. Another thing you can do is to ask some of your audience members if they truly understood or absorbed the techniques and ideas that you taught them.

How To Improve Self-Esteem Quickly And Easily

How to improve self-esteem quickly, easily and effectively is now achievable. What do you suppose you can do that within minutes will raise your-self esteem? The answer may surprise you.

How To Change Your Life In One Step

How to change your life can be a simple process. It requires you knowing what you want and steering clear from what you don’t want, making manifesting your desires a piece of cake. But is it that easy?

Human Motivation – What Drives Us?

What gets you out of bed in the morning? It’s a question often answered literally. “My alarm clock” some might say, or “my dog barking to be let outside.” Still, consider what stops you from ignoring your alarm clock or barking dog. Put another way, what is it that motivates you?

Be Less Busy, Get More Results

Being busy and getting results are not the same thing. In fact, the most successful people always have more free time because they have mastered the secrets of managing their day. In order to work effectively and get results, there are a few simple actions you can take.

Passion + Purpose = Results

Without passion life is monotonous, boring and dull. Without it we can exist but we can never excel. With purpose you put your passion into action to lead a meaningful life and create results in your life.

Success Applied

It is not enough to know the principles of success by heart, it is even more important to apply them in a positively habitual way by heart. In other words, unconscious mastery as well as conscious mastery or habit as well as knowing at a surface level is the most powerful thing in existence. Think about this for a moment before you read on.

Ready, Set, Finish!

During this time of silence, I begin to ponder the many races that I have run. My times have varied wildly, depending on my training (or lack thereof). And yet, I continue to train and to run because I have learned that signing up for a race is great way to motivate myself. Racing for me and for the majority of runners is not about winning but about finishing.

When the Dreams Become Real

Resilience is the name of the game of life. We don’t get down by failure; no, we get up, again… and again. Failure does not define us – it never should. Instead, we look ever forward to the immediate future… The only thing that stands between us and the achievement of our goals is the confidence of belief. If we’ll be forwardly compelled, one-eyed for the prize, we will get there.

How to Get Lateral Thinking and Intuition Happening Quickly

Have you ever been keen, motivated, and eager to start writing, only to find your fingers are not moving, because your brain is gridlocked? Every few words seem slow to evolve, and there is no free flow of thought. The more willpower and logic you apply, the more stressed you get, and less creative is your output. There is an explanation, and a couple of solutions, to get your creative juices flowing.

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