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Luck Has No Metaphysical Connotations

Luck favors those who work hard. Those who identify opportunities and put in hard work would surely be lucky. They see opportunities all around and the unlucky men/women turn away from the doors of prosperity opened at them.

Who Answered the Call?

A close up look at the personal cost of not looking beyond the obvious; and the value of continuing the search! A mere 1/1000th of an inch made all the difference from failure to success.

Self Improvement – Get Ready To Tax Yourself This April!

The beginning of April looms large in many people’s minds, as here in the UK it marks the end of a tax year. Of course that also means the start of a *new* tax year, and you can use this as a nudge for your self improvement goals…

5 Things You MUST Do to Land Your DREAM JOB

Searching for a job can be a very frustrating task for a lot of people. One of the main keys to getting your dream job is keeping a positive mindset!

Do You Believe In The Power of Two?

Two are better than one, they have good reward for their labour. Results when working as a team of two.

Motivated by Enthusiasm

Being motivated by enthusiasm is the key to achieving great goals. A person motivated by enthusiasm is a person on fire to achieve their goals with speed and diligence.When a man is motivated by strong desire to do something or be something there are no obstacles in this world that can stop him from actualizing his aim. This article shall examine how a person motivated by enthusiasm can achieve any worthwhile goal. The areas I shall cover include; decision, belief in yourself, action orientation, passion and clarity of purpose.

Someday But NOT Today

With each and every passing day, you say one day I’m going to step into who I am and really show this world something, but then your day-to-day activities whisper in your ear, someday but not today. With the thousands of images that flash across your consciousness every day there is at least one image or person every day that reminds you, to be all that you can. Still something holds you back and if you are like so many others that realise that something is holding them back but never question or face the truth about what it is; the world may never come to know the real you.

Understanding Emotional Eating

Do you eat when you are not hungry? Do you eat when you are experiencing feelings? You might be an emotional eater. Check out this article to learn more.

The Journey From Success To Significance

Significance – the quality of having importance or being regarded as having great meaning. Does this help? Not for me. My take – taking success to a much higher level where your actions, behavior, attitudes and beliefs have a lasting positive effect and impact on others and the world as your life journey unfolds.

Are You Fooling *Yourself* On April 1st?

April 1st, the day when we all play a jolly jape on everyone and gleefully shout ‘APRIL FOOL!’ However, it’s also worth considering if you are fooling yourself in key areas of your life…

The What, Why And When Of Learning

If you are not learning and growing – you are slowly dying – if not physically then mentally, emotionally or spiritually. What does learning have to do with your – body, mind, emotions and spiritual life? I could go on for pages but let me keep this short and to the point.

Are You Playing Offense Or Defense?

You don’t have to be an athlete to know the difference between offense and defense. But let me define them in terms of this article.

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