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Awaken Your Potential!

What might you envision for yourself if you were virtually unlimited? What would life be like for you if you tapped into your huge reservoir of your own potential? Wow!

Motivation, the Beginning of Self Improvement

Keep clear of negative people, and negative places. Turn motivation into your steering wheel. 5. Enjoy your life. Where does motivation and self improvement take place? 10. Always be your self. Motivation is when your dreams become a part work clothes. 14. Never tell a lie, Never cheat and most of all Never steal. Practice is all about motivation. 17. Never be a quitter because quitters never win. Motivation is about being prepared. Self discipline and self control is synonymous with motivation. Both are key factors in self improvement.

How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted To In Life

This is going to be one of the easiest or hardest things you have ever done in your life. For some, they will never do this, but for others, they will step outside of their comfort zone and go full speed ahead.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Getting a motivational keynote speaker would be the easiest part of planning your program. But before you start your search, ask yourself a few questions. First, before you start the search for keynote speaker, ask yourself, your committee, your management and all your possible prospective attendees.

Achieving Peak Performance Takes Strong Commitment

Peak performers are fully committed to achieving success. They are the “go to” person in their organization and are recognized accordingly.

Adult ADD: Can You Actually Get Paid to Have Ideas?

I know some ADD-style thinkers who are really good at technical support for computers, which is a great example of a job for someone with ADD. You’re constantly being bombarded with problems you were never trained to solve specifically, but you have to figure things out and make them work. It’s your job. What are people with ADD good at?

How to Communicate with Confidence

The latest researching has shown that people are afraid of communicating. The reason why people are so afraid to communicate is because they are afraid to let someone in their inner world. They underestimate themselves and are afraid that others will judge them.

Learn How to Maximize Your Success Through Expert Timing

Success may also be influenced by luck and timing. Given that we have no control over luck, our focus should be on the factors we can control.

Are You 100%?

What keeps you from operating at 100% capacity? In this article, the author challenges you to break out of old habits that keep you from being your best. You can create the kind of memorable year you’ll look back on with pride if you start now to remove or add behaviors that help you reach more of your potential.

If You Need To Take More Action: The “Salt Test”

Taking action precedes creating results. Yet many of us hesitate or are slow to act because we assume that our actions will not produce desired results. How do we know? We can’t- without taking action first and then seeing what develops.

If I was the Boss of the World

Perhaps we should replace (some of) our leaders with a bunch of kids for a year or two and see what happens…. Maybe we’d all have to play together because…. “that’s the new rule.”

Words Can Paint a Thousand Pictures

Using language, not only is it possible to paint a picture in the mind of a reader… it is also possible to motivate yourself. Whether you say you can’t or you say you can, you are always right.

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