MENTAL TOUGHNESS – Best Motivational Speech

This Is the Way Grandpa Looks at It

I was fortunate enough to have worked by my father’s side in a family business for fifteen-years. They were easily the most rewarding and memorable years of my life in which he taught me many things, but showed me so much more. Now, although there are no guarantees in this world, one of the many things he taught me was to never give up!

Message From the Universe: Where Things Appear to Be Different Than What They Really Are!

It is sometimes hard to stay motivated when everything around you seems to be going nowhere. You work hard, struggle, sacrifice and still nothing happens. You want to give up but at the same time, you do not want to live life with regrets wondering if you should have pushed further. Life is filled with unknown and since we can’t really predict how our life will be, we just do our best to live it and appreciate the moments we have on earth. Nothing is guaranteed and all you can do is keep moving forward, no matter what happens.

The Most Significant Ways To Reclaim Your Life

You may believe your life is spinning out of control. However, it’s a misguided perception because you’re invested in your circumstances and unable to see an alternative solution. I’m drawn to the tale by Anthony de Mello which highlights our reaction to life:

Tips for Building Your Career Path

Every successful career is built on solid career planning and preparation beforehand. Chartering a well-defined career path is a must to be able to direct your time, effort and money towards achieving the right goals and progressing towards the right direction. Without a clearly defined path, you will likely wander around mindlessly digging into whatever books you can read, attending whatever workshops you can find online and whatever job positions you are offered which ultimately culminate in years of your life spent on working for something that does not fully satisfy your passion.

How to Achieve Success by Hiring a Mentor

No matter where we are in life, if you want to achieve success it is essential that we seek out mentors who can teach us. Guidance from a professional mentor can be rewarding both professionally and personally. Read full article to know how to achieve success by hiring a mentor

The Free World: Is Anything Free In This World?

It is very natural and common for people to want to get things for free and live without any caution or discipline of law. People want freedom to do anything they like, and go anywhere they like. They hate to be told what to do and how to do things and this kind of attitude have led many to failure and sometimes to early grave.

4 Ways To Simplify Your Life Right Now

In a period of information overload, there’s never been a better time to simplify life. The raging struggle of modern existence can lead to inner turmoil if we’re unaware. The key to living an inspired life is to simplify it.

5 Reasons Why You’ve Lost Your Motivation

We all lose our focus from time to time, even on important things. Motivation is the same way.

Dream the Dream, Even If the Actors Change

This is about following your dream, no matter how small, no matter how long, no matter how hard. It’s about making your life count for something you believe in. It is about not being afraid to take a leap of faith and do something magical with yourself, even if no one else sees it.

Social Intelligence and Detecting Deception!

Human beings are ‘social animals’ less by choice and more by necessity. Yes! If we go back to the early days of our civilization, the evolution had brought us to a juncture where we had to concede to the fact that we were neither the fastest nor the strongest animal around and thus had to be smartest.

My Hands Make Light Work

Everybody has a plan for you! Your friend, family, neighbors, and the authorities want you to follow their expectations. We are bombarded with advertising that is trying to direct us in a certain direction. The entertainment industry is doing the same in living color, and a lot of emotions. Not to mention politicians. They use their power to make laws to force us into their idea of society.

Wake Up Call for The Grumpy

This article is for those who wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Why it happens to the best of us and how we can avoid such bad morning.

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