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6 Secrets To Stop Boredom

Have you got nothing to do most of the time? Are you sick of staring at the wall? Got nothing planned for the whole day? If you do, then you must be bored. Here are 6 secrets how to quickly get rid of boredom and feel alive!

Top Career Motivation Theories, Part 1

Based on the attribution theory, a person’s achievements are derived through intrapersonal and interpersonal theories of motivation. On the view of intrapersonal side of motivation, the person’s future probability will be based according to his or her achievement and they will experience emotions and feelings related to self-esteem, guilt, and shame as a result of this achievement. The interpersonal theory view is based on other people’s perspective and judgment of the person’s performance.

Top Career Motivation Theories, Part 2

Incremental theory produces a meaning system which focuses on the achievement of competence and associated to learning goals, effort and approach acknowledgments for setbacks, and the person believes his or her ability is increased by effort. The goals and beliefs of the incremental theory encourage mastery-oriented strategies when faced with challenges and leads to increased self-esteem, natural motivations, and learning. Possibly you use the incremental theory.

The Time to Celebrate Is Now

Just when you thought the season to celebrate was over, I’ve got one more holiday for you and I call it “Kick Ass Me” month.  At this time of year so many of us are preoccupied with making all kinds of resolutions about our future, promising ourselves to be all sorts of fitter, smarter, kinder, quieter, louder, better, stronger, faster. Our list of upgrades often sounds much more like the blueprint for the makings of the Six Million Dollar Man than a realistic strategy for our own self-improvement.

Conquering Boredom – How to Stay Motivated at Work

Motivation is the key to success. Even to do a simple job, you need motivation. If you are sitting at home relaxed, you will not feel like getting up doing things. But if you see a child going near a fragile object, you will get up from your seat and rush to the child to avert the object getting broken by the child’s handling it. In this case you are motivated by the fear of loss.

Self Esteem – 10 Tips to Building Superior Confidence For Success

A lot of people, including me, have struggled with low self – esteem at one stage of their lives or another. That lack of confidence can cause a person to perform below standard, even whilst doing the things that he is good at. The reason could be a low self – evaluation or thoughts of not being good enough or that somebody else can do it better. Lack of confidence results in failed examinations, interviews or even auditions. The best candidate does not always win. The modestly – gifted one may take the cup home if he faces a less – confident opposition. I wish to share ten things from some of my experiences that helped me in building my confidence.

The Measure of Your Emotional Strength

It is not because things are bad that you are sad; you are sad that is why things are bad. Take the control away from circumstances and put it on yourself. It is all about you…

Self-Motivation Is Critical For Success In Building an Online Business

Self-Motivation is a natural and required partner to success in building your online business. Your decision to start building an online business may have grown from a desire to achieve specific goals. Goals that can be easily undermined if you do not remain self-motivated.

4 Ways to Get Yourself Motivated and Ready to Go!

Motivation is what drives us to get on and do things and along with its partners, Volition and willpower can spur you on to achieve great things in life. The question is, how do you motivate yourself to do something other than work when all you ever do is work? Most people have a routine of going to work, coming home and plonking themselves in front of the TV while saying, “I’ll start that project I was going to start tonight, tomorrow instead.”

Learn to Motivate in the Best Way

Motivation is an important part of keeping people up-beat and enthusiastic. Finding the best ways to keep people working hard and in a positive, committed way is a simple way of ensuring success in business and in life.

Ways to Find What Motivates You

Looking for something that motivates you can be challenging and rewarding once you take hold of it. But, before you can find what motivates you, you’ve got to discover yourself as a person. It’s the only time you can assess what really are the ones that force you to reach your goals.

How to Motivate Yourself to Get Up in the Morning

Waking early enough after a night’s sleep is so fascinating and wonderful especially if you’ve planned activities that needs to be done that day. You have to be aware of the importance of getting up early in the morning, keeps you more motivated to work efficiently because you’re in the right mode and feel fresh.

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