Millionaire VC Shares His Advice on How He Became Successful Investing In “Impactful” Companies

Get Motivated: Why Motivation Is More Important Than Ever Before

It is time to get motivated. That is the first and perhaps only aspect that you should be taking away from the current situation that the world is in. This may seem strange to many people because so many individuals have slowly but surely lost their motivation. The current economic climate, the struggle for many to make ends meet, and the fact that many people are struggling to find a job may make some people lose hope, but it is important to remain positive and not lose the internal motivation that helps you achieve your goals. You can look at people who seemingly ‘have it all’ and you can feel jealous, or you can get motivated to achieve what they have.

Know Yourself

Today there are many opportunities floating around to become involved in. But what about some very straight forward methods that anyone can apply and succeed in doing?

Oh Wow – How Will You Use Your Next NOW?

2012 only serves one purpose, now that it is almost over. That purpose is one of learning and growth. Learn from the past, but practice the art of living in the now.

Be Positive!

Agitate-Problem-Solve. This seems to be the formula that most marketers follow. It also seems to work on a regular basis, so many people adopt it as a formula for success. So I started thinking about formulas and got caught up in a the psychology of that sale. How are people really compelled to take action. Do they really have to be agitated then told what their problem is and then offered a resolution?

Self Help Motivation: Help To Motivate Yourself Better

It can be a big struggle to stay motivated. This is because our drive is continuously assaulted by harmful thoughts as well as anxiety as regard the future. Everyone experiences doubt and depression at times.

So Many Ideas, Yet None Turn Into Planned Actions

Why make yourself create so much when you can do in the process of improving the proven, useful and feasible methodologies. Ideas are created with analogy of the old styles.

Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success: Definite Chief Aim As It Relates to Your Goals and Dreams

Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success talks about A Definite Chief Aim as a main proponent in a person achieving they goals and dreams. Napoleon Hill stated “that any definite chief aim that is deliberately fixed in the mind and held there will finally saturate the entire subconscious mind”.

A Moment of Gratitude

Hey thank you! Yes, I mean you. YES, you!

Playing Games With Your Mood

So my niece is back in town for just a bit and we got together with the family for some fellowship yesterday. As we sat down to the table, the familiar sibling argument began between her and her little brother about who is going to sit where and who gets to sit next to mom. The updated version includes who is playing with the electronic device of the moment and how it’s now my turn and you aren’t sharing No fair!

Oh, Go Motivate Yourself!

Yeah, I’m a little busy today so I’m letting you do the heaving lifting. Oh, but there is a great reason for this. Did you know there are two basic types of motivation?

Have You Considered That This Is Where You Need to Be Right Now?

Are you ready to throw in the towel? Well, this article is for you. It gives tips for going through valley experiences successfully.

Can Motivation Beat Economics?

We have over the last few years been experiencing a roller-coaster time in economic and business terms. Double-dip recessions, depressions and bankruptcies and a sense of ‘awash-ness’, especially the news from Europe and the Euro. One can’t help feeling an impending sense of doom, particularly when one considers that this month marks the Mayan calendar’s start of the end of the world! The trouble is no-one who is in business could but fail to be concerned about banking and stock exchange crises which are unfolding, if only because virtually all businesses depend on the health of the economy for their own survival; of course, it is equally concerning for those not in business – for the employees, the pensioners, and just about anybody worried about the value of their money. With every cloud, though, they say there is a silver lining. Motivation dictates that there must be at least nine good reasons to be cheerful, despite the gloom!

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