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The Transforming Power of a Three Letter Word

When we’re feeling stuck, unmotivated or uninspired, it’s difficult for us to take any kind of decisive action. This article discusses the incredible power of one three letter word to assist us in getting out of stagnation and into confident, inspired action. I hope you find my personal example, and this powerful word to be helpful.

Do You Have A Passion In Life?

Do you have a passion in life; something that drives you in the morning and afternoon? Is it maybe that you want to spend more time with your family, write a book, learn a new language, take cooking classes. Whatever your passion is; are you taking the time to follow it?

Want What You’ve Got

Wants can be deceiving. When we want more and more we feel like we have nothing. Learning to like what we’ve got, helps attract more of what we want.

Motivation – The Fires Burning Within

Some seem to think that motivation is derived from the “carrot and stick” philosophy. In other words, people only act because of external forces which promise rewards or punishments for their actions. While the carrot and the stick provide motive for action, such methods prove to have only a temporary effect. REAL motivation comes from within. It flows naturally from having a dream. Human beings are naturally motivated by challenging goals and dreams.

How To Overcome Resistance To Change

Whether we’re trying to change ourselves resistance exists. There are many reasons for this. It might be because you do not know HOW to change or a lack of motivation, overwhelm, outside pressure or just plain fear of change.

A Matter of Choice in Life and Business

To decide what to do in life and business is critical to what the outcome will be for you. Personal choice is what drives the human soul through life yet we ignore the outcome till too late in some things.

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

As human beings, we are a product of all our internal beliefs. It would be unrealistic to assume that the emotional baggage will not spill over into all areas of our life.

How to Make it Through Life’s Train Wrecks

Every life has the occasional train wreck. Here’s how to successfully get through them.

Test Anxiety And How You Can Be A Better Test Taker

While test taking may just be a tip of the iceberg, there is a great deal of mental acuity that is involved in becoming efficient at any task that requires a high level of concentration. From a psychological perspective, our responses to environmental stimulus, and issues pertaining to life, anxiety level is said to be a key factor in how humans perceive and react. It comes without saying; everyone does not posses the same abilities, especially where test taking is concerned, but all can adopt and improve. Each individual may vary, and in most cases significantly, depending on their level of exposure and adaptability.

Watch Out, There’s A Thief About

Thieves are everywhere and come in various forms. There are the dream thieves, those folk with whom you share your hopes, dreams and ambitious plans only to be met with “Ooohhh you don’t want to do that!” or “That’ll never work!”, “We’ve tried that”. Time thieves are people who for one reason or another take up more of your time and support than you have to give…

Ten Thousand Failures

Thomas Edison once mentioned to reporters that he had tried over 10,000 materials as filaments for his new invention, the electric light bulb. One reporter asked how the young inventor maintained his persistence in the face of so much failure. “Failure?

You Are Not Here By Accident

Are you operating in your anointing? Let’s talk about the word “anointing”. What is your anointing? We might say it’s your calling, your destiny, your purpose in life. What that means is that you were born for something.

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