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How to Turn Off the Chatter – Move From Talk to Action

Come on, admit it, you talk to yourself. We all do and it’s okay. You’re not alone, delusional or hallucinating. Examine your self-talk; look at how much talk you’re doing compared to taking meaningful actions that will bring about change. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” – Walt Disney

Majoring in Confidence

It’s the middle of August, and if you aren’t getting excited about going back to college then maybe you shouldn’t go. I know it sounds tough but it’s true. Many students go off to college with that “deer caught in the headlight look” and are just going with the herd. Few go off striding with confidence and buzzing over the opportunities that lie before them.

Need Motivation? Olympian Reveals the Number One Key That Will Ignite Your Motivation Forever

Whether you are a fan of the Olympics, and especially if you’re not, you will want to take advantage of the number one key learned by all Olympic athletes. This key will build your motivation, ensure greater success and boost your self-esteem. To succeed we need a different attitude, one that includes THREE outcomes to every competition.

What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger

Scientists and researchers are experimenting with venom, bacteria, and genes from the common cold to create amazing cures. What can we learn from this approach of studying what could be perceived as deadly and harmful, and apply the same aspirations to our own challenges and temporarily agonizing hurdles?

Taking Home Your Gold

I love the Olympics because the athletes must stay focused and overcome all adversity. Their mind has to stay focused on the prize- The Gold Medal. That is what we have to do! We may not be training for an Olympic game, however most of us do overcome amazing odds and adversity to walk on in this thing we call life. No matter what we are facing or what our dream is- we can achieve it no matter the circumstances, no matter our age, no matter what! We have to set our eye on the prize!

Standing on the Threshold of Change

Most of us know what it’s like to spend some time here – standing on the threshold. It usually happens just at the point where we’ve made decisions about the changes we want to make, designed our vision for the future and can see it beckoning us ‘on the other side’ and all we have to do is get there.

We All Wear Masks

Lots of people have different masks for different days, and perhaps different occasions. Masks are those things that allow us to assume that we are different from other people.

80-20 – Where Do You Fall?

When you get to the down side of a year, does your attitude slip a bit? Do you still make the same effort you did in January? All it takes to re-energize yourself to the high point in your year is focus and discipline….and reading this article will help.

Light Your Fire

Did you know that fire is the only one of the classic four elements that exists only in the present? The water, air and earth of our world were in existence yesterday and notwithstanding some horrific event will be here tomorrow. Yesterday’s fire is ash today and tomorrow’s fire is fuel.

Lack Motivation? How Can You Succeed When You’ve Failed So Often Before?

In the end, the force that moves mountains is not motivation, but persistence. I learned how to move mountains. This power is yours too. Follow these three simple steps.

3 Keys to Improving Your Coping Skills Following an Illness Diagnosis

A health challenge leaves most of us dazed and confused. Learn new ways to keep yourself on track and reduce the stress associated with an illness diagnosis.

The Pseudo Olympian

Years ago I trained a lady for a period of eight weeks leading up to her wedding. She lost about twelve kilos (26.5 lbs) during that time. Over the eight weeks I continually emphasised the need for her new pre-wedding behaviours to become life-long habits rather than some temporary phase.

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