MOVE ON, LET GO & LEAVE YOUR PAST BEHIND YOU | Powerful Motivational Speech (2022)

5 Ways To Feel Super-Optimistic: Tips for Your Health, Wealth, & Career Success

Optimism is the hidden key to your personal and business success. Fact: Optimists achieve greater health, wealth accumulation and career advancement than pessimists. Discover how you can become more optimistic – plus also help people around you become optimists. In this article you will learn: * 5 little-known “secrets” to help you immediately feel upbeat, confident, and optimistic * Proof that optimists far exceed pessimists in their health, wealth, and career success * 2 body language changes that actually straighten out your thoughts and emotions * Change your words, change your life

What Makes a Champion?

Do you have the courage to accept that there is a different life out there for you?

Journaling – A Tool for Healing and Growth

Writing can be a poweful tool to aid yourself in many areas. Merely expressing feelings can energize you and unclog your system. Learn to use this simple tool for self improvement.

Courage and Fear

Do you lack courage? Learn to motivate yourself.

Pride and Prejudice Can Be Healed and Melted Away

Have you ever regretted building a friendship with a person who crossed your path in life? Maybe you find yourself in positions of being judgemental without positive results. If you have ever wrongly assessed a person or situation in your life, you may wonder how to grow from that position to one more of a discerning nature.

Make It Happen Now!

Most people think that when they have chosen a path that’s it – that’s the path to follow. This is far from the truth according to leading Business Coach… Brad Tonini who has just released his latest…

Storytelling – The Great Motivator of People

Storytelling – The Great Motivator of People In a data-driven world, facts and figures are the order of the day in sales calls, employee meetings, board rooms, and political assemblies. Traditionall…

Make Fear a Nine Day Wonder – Motivate Yourself with Fun!

Motivating yourself with fun rather than fear pays big dividends in myriad ways. Making this choice accelerates your ability to communicate, rests your brain, lowers your stress, increases your tolerance for pain, among other things. In this article, however, I am focusing on one incredibly important and impactful side effect of this Fun Commandment – using fun to motivate yourself increases your creativity.

How to Get Through a Bad Day

Some days are just awful. They start off bad, they never get any better, and they end on a low and sometimes even gloomier note. How do you handle these days? Learn effective strategies to deal with the ‘bad days’ in your life.

Ten Major Causes of Failure

Ten most important mistakes the majorities of people do and fail in their lifes.

Maintaining Your Motivation

I recently spoke to a group of sales professionals at the end of their training conference. The attendees had participated in many learning sessions over a two day period – most of which were product…

212 Degrees

At 211 degrees, water is pretty darn hot. But at 212, it’s boiling, and making steam. Only one degree, but there is quite a difference.

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