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Live Life Deliberately

As I sit and formulate my goals for the New Year I reflect back on what 2007 meant to me and how do I visualize the New Year. I now live deliberately, because sometimes there is no time for do overs.

Succeed In Making Changes That Last

Wanting to make changes in your life is a great goal. You need to have a plan that consists of motivation and steps that keep your motivation high. Past successes in your life can be key in helping you make lasting changes now. There’s no external hocus pocus magic to making lasting changes The magic exists in you. If you succeeded previously in your life, you can do it again. Success with a plan of motivation and five steps will be yours.

Now is the Time to Stop Talking and Start Doing

I recently heard the aforementioned phrase on a commercial for IBM. It is the perfect statement to start the New Year. We all love to talk.

Why New Years Resolutions are Stupid

Yep, it’s that time of the year again. The time when we all tell ourselves (and everyone within earshot) just how dramatically our life is about to change. Of course it is. Of course we do. Just like we did the last twenty New Year’s eves.

Make 2008 Your Best Year Yet!

The year of 2008 should be the best year to make changes in your life. Starting this year your life ought to be with PURPOSE and about POSITIVE CHANGE.

Stay Motivated!

To achieve you need to be motivated. What makes motivation wane? What can you do to keep your motivation steady? By identifying the sources of your motivation, you can use the information to shift your focus, remain passionate, and find greater meaning and productivity in your life.

Take Action And Stop Getting Pushed Around In Life

Self-confidence comes from not only doing what is right but also knowing the power within you that can make you happy and fulfilled. The power of thought and the power of your mind is your ally for success in life.

Ten Ideas To Stay Motivated

Motivation is the keyword behind doing great work. A people who is not motivated cannot shine. And this motivation comes from inner self. One can practice to get motivated. This article will help people to find ideas of motivation.

Getting Better

Once again I am being thrust into a class to motivate me to new and wonderful heights as an employee. I have news for them though- I’ll be better when I DECIDE to be better and not a moment sooner.

Time Defines Life

This article takes a look at how time defines life. It also challenges the reader to take time out each day to observe the passage of time, in order to make wiser decisions about living life.

Seven Steps To Creating Wealth And Happiness

Allow me to go straight to the point. Actually I do not need seven steps to explain it to you. I could spare you the trouble and let you have it all in one short phrase.

How Do I Commit?

Afraid of commitment? Try some tried-and-true small steps and be confident in your commitments. Grow your confidence daily and commitment to being great in your own life.

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