Naveen Jain and the BILLIONAIRE Mindset That Can Make You RICH!

How to Be Disciplined

Do you know how discipline can help you achieve your goals? Do you know that discipline is important to success? What is the power of discipline?

The DNA of Motivation – How You Can Motivate Yourself and the People Around You

Anyone who has achieved a goal, had motivation to do so. When vision is fueled by motivation the common denominator is always achievement. President Abraham Lincoln never went to school, but became the President of the United States Of America not because of chance or luck but because of motivation.

Learn How Motivation Works and How to Use It

You can learn how motivation works and how to use it, and master success in your life. The art of motivation, both in motivating others in motivating yourself, is one that all success masters have clearly developed.

Believing in Myself

It is hard to grow up without dreams when raised by parents who believe in your full potential. Richard Bach in his book Illusions wrote that “you are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however,” and work for it I did.

Don’t Worry – I Got This

Patricia Alcivar is the most inspiring woman I’ve ever met – and I’ve known a lot of inspiring women. She is an incest survivor and left her family to live on the streets of NYC when she was 15 years old. She developed a friendship with a trainer who became the first person to believe in her and her talents and taught her to box.

How I Was Able to Get Myself Out From Online World

Today I am happy, I do what I like, I enjoy talking to people and I feel like I can make a difference in lots of peoples lives. But it was not always like that, for 5 years I was sitting behind computer most of the time, I did not like it, but I was afraid to actually do anything about that. I felt like I was of no good to anyone…

How to Develop a Powerful Mindset

Many do not have the right mindset to accomplish their dreams and goals. The mind is a powerful, yet fragile instrument, that God gave us to create and achieve great things in this world.

How to Create Momentum and Stay Motivated Always

If you want to be successful, one of the skills that you need to learn is how to create momentum and stay motivated always. This is because if you are not motivated, you will never have the drive to take action. And if you do not have the drive to take action, you will never produce the results you want.

Achieving Good Intent

The perverse get what their ways deserve, and the good, what their deeds deserve. ~Proverbs 14:14 (NRSV). Good intent is sheer mastery.

Top Motivational Speakers

Top motivational speakers have the ability to convince and persuade your employees to increase the amount of effort and energy that they put into their work life, consequently improving their performance which in turn leads to higher profits and business growth. Top Motivational speakers are known to use a combination of persuasion, motivation and inspirational speaking to achieve the desired results.

3 Simple Techniques – How to Motivate Yourself

Do you want to learn how to motivate yourself? If you do, read this article to the end because I am going to share the 3 proven and simple techniques how you can do so.

Changing Habits – Getting Off the Same Track in Life

Breaking habits is not easy, but it is possible. Our wills decide. And we have every motivation. It’s often the only thing that stands in our way of triumph. You can change and turn your life around, yes, even now!

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