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Your Strengths – What Are They?

Most people dread interviews for a number of different reasons, both people interviewing and those being interviewed. For people doing the interviewing they can feel a hug sense of responsibility. They have a very short time frame relatively to get a major decision right.

Self Motivation Strategies to Clear Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

What you occupy your mind with is essential in maintaining your physical and psychological health. We have an average of 60,000 thoughts every day. You can probably see why controlling one’s thoughts is one of life’s most difficult challenges.

Motivate Yourself More Deeply

The self help industry has thrived and built itself over the last few years on a number of assumptions, perhaps the chief one being that other people can either motivate you or teach you how to motivate yourself. Neither of these assumptions is correct really, although they do contain an element of truth.

The Madness of Mediocrity

Has the madness of mediocrity gotten you in a rut that is wasting away the precious moments of your life? Living a life of mediocrity robs us of our creativity and passion for living a life of purpose and meaning. Take a risk to be different and create something of value that leaves you proud of the life you have lived.

What Is Procrastination?

Procrastination is often thought of or referred to as just a longer word for people who are lazy. It’s a much less judgmental term, and seems to imply a sort of reason as to why people aren’t doing the things they should be doing. There is an air of obviousness about it that still carries a degree of judgment about it.

What Is Will Power?

Will power is one of those slightly strange phrases that people always use, often in a particular context that makes sense, but often without any real sense of what it means. Part of the problem is that it makes sense in context, but doesn’t have a particular meaning that you could pin down and be specific about. That said, it’s often the context that really gives you a clue as to hoe to move forward and get said meaning.

Overcoming Fear – 3 Tips to Conquer Fear

Fear is human. All of us have fear of something. You will not believe that even people who appear fearless have fear of what they are doing but the difference is in what they do with the fear. So if you are reading this article you probably have some fears that you would like to overcome. Then you are at the right place. In this article I am going to discuss what actions to take to overcome fear. Let me warn you that by taking these actions fear will not disappear, but you will be overcoming the fear, and it will not longer stop you from living your desired life.

7 Essential Strategies for Unlocking Your Self Motivation

What you occupy your mind with is of great importance to your physical and psychological health. When you learn to gain control of your mind, you learn self motivation and can begin to take control of your life.

8 Keys to Uncommon Fulfillment and Accomplishment

You exist by virtue of the fact that you were born into this world. It was not by choice that you found yourself here, but now that you are here you have to make it work. If only you can get started you will be unstoppable. The tragedy is that though many are breathing in the oxygen that is freely available and breathing out, they have not started the business of living. Survival is the most basic, entry level, the pre-school of life.

8 Fundamental Ingredients of Excellence

Fineness, brilliance and quality are some of the words that come to mind whenever the word excellence is mentioned. It is however not limited to the above mentioned words, but for the purposes of our discussion, it will suffice. How many times have you paid for a service and received less than satisfactory service.

Start With What You Know

Need to know what you can do to help others? Start with what you know.

Motivation Strategies to Help You Focus

Keeping yourself motivated is a crucial skill to long term success. In fact, more than sales, marketing or any other skill in business, motivation will determine your success.

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