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How to Stay Motivated – 3 Easy Tips For Sustaining Your Passion

1) Find a Natural Sanctuary.Stimulate the Senses. By far, one of the best ways to stay motivated and to sustain your passion (no matter what it is) is to get outside and walk or jog or run. Our bodies and our brains need to be stimulated and nothing does this better than nature. Nature is vivid.

Give Up On I Can’t

Quite frankly this is the killer. This is the one thing that stops us in our tracks and is the barrier to achieving what we can naturally do.

Mind Over Matter vs. Matter Over Mind

In the matters of the mind – from which thoughts originate – the organ called the brain is as dependant upon the free flow of blood, lymph and nerve force as any other organ in the body. And, as with all tissues, we are able to raise the quality of the cells by providing a 1st class environment for its nourishment. If we are serious about improving the quality of our thoughts and actions (which include choices) then we can do no better than adhere to the natural lifestyle that sustains the human species in pristine health.

Right Attitude And Right Thought For Success

Good attitude is really important. It is one of the important components to success. Only you yourself can control your own attitude.

Overcome Procrastination With The Right Solution

Procrastination is a problem that affects a person’s ability to function in a motivated sense. It can stop a person from being able to complete assignments in a timely manner and it can often keep people from performing well at a job. Usually, this kind of problem is something that comes as the result of many years of laziness that leads to a pattern of procrastination.

Procrastination – The Grave Effects

It would not be an overstatement to assert that procrastination is one of man’s attitudinal problems. It is in fact a complicated issue that has eaten deep into the opportunities and corresponding successes of man. In this report, the grave effects of procrastination has been outlined, so you can understand the influence it exerts on your chances of daily successful achievement.

The Secret – She Opened The Door For Me…

The door was closed. He tried hard to get in but could not. The door just would not open. He started banging the door. Five minutes later the owner of the house opened the door and slapped him hard on his face. He fainted. He did not dare to push the door again. He never returned back… Ten years later he met the owner of the house on the street. The owner slapped him again…

The Secret – He Hurt My Parents And I Loved It…

It was the most beautiful rose in the entire garden. Yet it was unhappy… This pretty rose wanted to please every person who came to the garden. Visitors to the garden where not allowed to pluck any rose. As soon as anyone would come into the garden this beautiful rose would do everything to gain their attention. It would sway, dance, shout, yell… It was strange in a way that though this rose was the most pretty one in the entire garden very few people would pass by this rose and appreciate it. One fine day an old man who visited the garden everyday found this rose crying…

Principles Of Influence

Influence is the art of winning people’s cooperation when you do not have, or do not want to use, the authority to make them do what you want them to do. It involves shaping the way people feel and think.

Procrastination – The Cause of Your Suffering Business

I know people do not want to believe that we have any flaws in our personality that will lead to the suffering and demise of their business. But I can assure you that there is something that we all have to overcome, in order to be successful. If you are like me the biggest obstacle you have to overcome is procrastination. You always tell yourself you will do it tomorrow or that can be done later, it won’t hurt it I put it off a couple of days. Well in the business world you cannot wait until later, because someone else will do it now and you will be unsuccessful.

Distance Education – A Sin In Bangladesh

Distance education is a way of acquiring knowledge. Knowledge is power. But this power gaining efforts can earn you a lot of hatred and disguise sometimes. A true story of Bangladesh will be enough in support of this claim.

Against All Odds – The Miracle Worker

One of the greatest stories on victory and success of the 19th century must be that of Annie Mansfield Sullivan.

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