Not Easy – Motivational Speech

The Path to a Lifetime of Success Is Through God

I’m 10 days away from my South Africa speaking engagement. I’m excited beyond words. I was thinking this morning though. I said to myself, who am I to be flown into South Africa with my security and to be paid some people’s year salary to speak? Who am I not to have a college degree and no plaques on my wall validating my existence? Who am I to be 29 years old and an international speaker and coach?

How to Grow From Failures

Failures glow up a bulb that motivate us to explore new ways. They teach us how to find success in more improved and better way. Success is a neighbor of failure. So when we take our step out of failure, success is in front of us. We just need “Understanding” and “Plan”.

Unleash Your Potential

Everyone on this planet has a certain amount of possibility or potential pent up inside of them. They have the potential to enjoy great health, fantastic relationships, a fulfilling career, spiritual connection and yes the potential to earn and accumulate great financial wealth. My question here is simple.

What Is Your Motive for Taking Action?

Your drive to succeed or inner motivation is effectively just a contraction of motive and action. It is the inner driving force, which compels you to take action and if it is to be effective, must come from deep within your authentic self. When your motive to take action comes from within and is driven by a compelling internal image, not some obscure travel poster in your external environment, the offer of a big bonus or any other external stimuli, you do not completely identify with, it will be fleeting at best and will never inspire you to consistently take…

The Hurry Syndrome

OK, you are going the speed limit and someone whizzes by you like there is no tomorrow – ever happened? Or have you put your life in jeopardy by weaving from one lane to the other in a hurry to get somewhere to then just sit in front of the TV chilling? There are millions of ways people hurry through their life and I won’t bore you with any other examples, but I will ask you in all seriousness – do you have a bad case of “Hurry Syndrome”.

I Just Have a Little Apathy, But So What

Apathy among young people has become very prevalent. This article is providing insight into what may be underneath a young person’s apathy and how to go about addressing it.

A Time for Courage

There is a time for courage and such a time in a time consistent with eternity; as eternity presents itself as an ever-present reality in this life. The concept of courage for such a time as this – for any time in reality – is consistent, again, with the wisdom that is in God, for merely operating in life requires courage.

If You Can Dream, You Can Have the Cream

Napoleon Hill, renowned personal development Guru once said “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. This is such a powerful statement and when explored a little further. It shows that if you allow yourself to have huge expectations and you can find it within yourself, to see yourself actually living them; nothing is beyond the realm of possibility for you.

Inspire a Lasting Change!

A lasting change can only be inspired and not demanded. When we get uncomfortable with the way things are done around us, we can affect a change that can stand the test of time and help make a positive impact in our society.

Make a Great Start to Your Day

Does your day start in a relaxed, organised, passionate and driven way, where you have a clear understanding of exactly what you will achieve that day. Or do you wake up already frantic, concerned about all the tasks you need to complete, almost in a state of overwhelm, before the day even starts? If you live in a world where the latter is the norm, then it is time to wrestle back control of your life and to bring some order and organisation back in to it, before things completely spiral out of control.

Live Each Moment As Perfectly As Possible

When do you think the time is right to start creating a perfect life? I say there is nothing like the present, start right now. Each moment of your life is a micro window into your future.

You Must Become a Distinct Brand to Win in This Economy

In today’s competitive, roller coaster world, you’re either a distinct and competitive brand or an extinct generic. In order to survive, prosper and achieve great success you must become a distinct and competitive personal brand (yes, you need to become a personal brand). It is when you develop this brand that you will be able to deliver the experience that people are willing to subscribe to and or pay for.

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