NOW IS THE TIME – Motivational Speech

Motivation For A Healthy Lifestyle, How To Get It And How To Keep It – Step Two

Once you have begun changing a habit utilizing the imagery exercise in Step One, you are ready to begin Step Two. What kinds of challenges are you encountering? Have you begun to notice anything different? Here is the next part in this process of change.

Greed is Good to Me

You earn a lot and you want to earn more. You always want to be one up on the other person. You are jealous when you see one of your contemporaries earning more than you do. You do not think twice before manipulating your way up the ladder to ‘successes’. So what if you had to kick some of your ‘friends’ and ‘well-wishers’ to have your way? Happiness for you means a swanky new car and a penthouse in that posh locality of your city. You are giving your children all that they could ever ask for – the latest PlayStation, education in the best private school in your town, expensive clothes, and lots of pocket money, they have it all. You are doing your bit for yourself and your family by running the race (did someone say rat race?) to earn more and live better.

Mentorship For Success

Behind every successful person is a great mentor. A good mentor goes beyond just being your adviser or guide. He is an asset and friend something money alone cannot buy.

The Thinking Machine

The article teaches on how and why you have to think for you to become a champion in life.It is an extraordinary link to living an abundant life.

Positive Work Habits Part VI – Pursue Ongoing Education & Learn From Your Mistakes

So many books, so little time. Are you feeling overwhelmed with too many opportunities for ongoing education? Learning how to determine what’s valuable and what’s not for our business advancement takes skills many of us have not acquired.

Gratitude – The Secret Of The Rich

What? You say you’ve never received any of these in your life. You don’t believe in Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy. And people are too busy thinking about themselves to pay any attention to you. What’s up with that?

Do You Have the Courage to Take a Stand For Your Life?

When was the last time you stopped for a moment and asked yourself: “Am I living a life of my own design, following my passions, or am I merely following the crowd, living someone else’s dreams?” If you came to the shocking realization that you are not living your dreams, it might be time to take a stand for your life! NOW!

There is No Way Out

Do you think that there is no way out? You will change your mind after reading this article.

Change Your Mental Diet

Prosperity, and the attraction of it are not about luck… where you were born… where we live, or the shape of your nose.

Too Pooped To Keep Going? Energy Booster Shot Gets You Through The Day!

Don’t have enough energy to get through the day? Here Are Some Simple Tips You Can Use To Have More Energy

Passion – More Than Daytime Television

It’s time to re-introduce yourself to your passion, vision and purpose. Stop settling for a mediocre life. You are meant for so much more!

Overcoming Overwhelm

Offers three steps for dealing with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Increase your productivity by following these three steps to decrease feelings of overwhelm.

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