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Your Motivation Vs That Fateful Moment

Ahh yes, those fateful moments of action, or inaction, where your motivation can be, in fact, just a word. What do we think and feel in that moment when we decide whether we benefit or not by taking an action in question? Well, I ask because the very moment of action or inaction is conveniently overlooked by most of us, though is some of the most useful time we have.

Exploring the Darkness in Our Hearts

Most likely we all have a dark side although some are more obvious than others. I have also discovered that we do not all share the same darkness. Fear is probably the most common one in my experience. It usually comes from living in fear as a child, leaving some to believe as adults that their world is a scary place. They feel a need to protect themselves from everyone they encounter.

The Simple Truth About Becoming Confident

Most people think that becoming more confident is not possible or that it requires a ton of money and time to pull off. Wrong. I’m here to tell you the simple truth about becoming confident.

Why Won’t We Just Take That Leap? Identifying Obstacles Lessens Their Effect!

What are some of the main reasons that you won’t take a leap of faith in yourself on a current challenge? Especially when your mind is telling you it’s the right thing! One answer: a lack of working Motivation.

Living Life to the Fullest: How to Enjoy the Simple Things in Life and Improve Your Self Confidence

Feel like life is getting you down? Can’t appreciate your life? Want to make a change and try something different? I did. Now, I couldn’t be any happier. This is an article about how you can take small steps to becoming the person that you want to be and how to get the life that you want.

Developing A Better You For A Better Tomorrow

Personal development, in both a physical and mental sense, is an absolute must for anyone of us. The obvious is only the beginning when you finally break things down and seek the changes you need to make to evolve into a better you. There are times when individuals need the additional guidance from those that have seen or done the same things in life or tackled the same opportunities with varying success.

The First Step: The Climate Of Acceptance

Remotivation therapy is a successful program because it involves five steps. These steps provide a purpose for the client. When one does this type of session it guides the clients into the objective parts of one’s life.

Being Active Vs Being Lazy, The Decision of a Lifetime

To be lazy or to be active, that is the question. When it comes to success, high performance, and achieving great results in your life, most people would agree that an active person has a better chance of doing so. But is this always the case? The real answer may surprise you.

How to Sell Yourself in an Interview Without Bragging

During the interview process you want to convey your strengths, experience and credentials without sounding too cocky or brash. You must sell yourself, but you need the right amount of finesse to keep from coming across as a self-centered and boastful person. But how do you do it without sounding like that?

Fighting Temptations Through Faith

Remember, there is a great reward waiting for those people who triumph over temptations, hold on to that promise. It is not in temporary things that real happiness is felt but it is in one’s heart, a pure heart that devises good and can fight temptations.

Get Out of Your Hiding Place

Everyone born into this world has got an inherent talent. There is a purpose that must be fulfilled but unfortunately, a large proportion of people have not discovered the gifts in them and many will not in their lifetime. You are not a number holding down a spot in the world population figure. You are far greater than that. You are wired to make things happen but this will never be the case if you have not discovered what it is you have been called to do. Recognizing your gifts and harnessing the potential that lies within you is the route to living a fulfilling life. It’s time to get out of hiding. Don’t live in isolation. Give room for your talent to find expression. If it is not expressed, it cannot manifest.

Why You Should Stay Happy at Work

Looking for the what are known as greener pastures is usual among employees. The monotony of daily routine can often make people feel that they deserve much better than the rut they were in.

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