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Success Secret: The Art of Repetition

This article is all about how you can develop yourself by repetitive practice. It cites a few real life experiences and inferences I’ve drawn from them.

Miracles Happen in Life When You Believe

I had an interview yesterday with a renowned MNC. I went there to get a job as JAVA developer. This was the first interview as an experienced professional. With nervousness wrapped into anxiety, I reached Gurugram sharp at 9 in the morning. While I was travelling by the metro, my dad called up to wish me luck and enquired about my whereabouts. Fathers are always the more caring ones. I told him about my apprehension. Though I had done my bit of preparation but one can never be sure of the results under such scenarios. He said “karm karo, fal ki iccha mat rkho” (Focus on the work, not the results). Yes, the most common saying! But we are humans; we definitely worry about the results. The interview went fine but I wasn’t selected. Even after this his belief went unperturbed and told me not to lose hope. He asked me to think of times when I came out victorious. Those thoughts gave me a kick and motivation to work harder the next time.

2 Quick Ways to Overcome Laziness and Procrastination

Laziness and procrastination leads to goals that are not attained and failure without trying. This article shares two quick ways to overcome procrastination and laziness. Using the two strategies shared on the article will help you achieve your goals faster and lead you to a happier and more successful life.

Motivation – How to Get Motivated and Stay That Way

Being excited about starting a new venture is easy. Staying excited and motivated is difficult. Remember the reason you got started and act as if it is your first day taking action will help you stay motivated.

Kamikazeing It

You’ve heard of the Japanese kamikaze pilots of World War 11, and their legendary bravery. How they sacrificed their lives in suicide attacks by flying straight into enemy planes and warships? At the time, the enemy was America, and they so believed in the cause of defending Japan that pilots on kamikaze missions knew before they strapped on their helmets and scooted into their cockpits that they would never be coming home; they would never be seeing their wives and children again, and they would never know whether Japan would win the war.

There Is No Judgment Because We Do What Is Required of Us

The idea that in the end we are to stand before God and be judged is as ridiculous as declaring the world to be in the hands of evil. There is only one master and that is the Great Spirit of the Universe and those with knowledge of the prophecies will know that the plan is laid out therein for all to see. That is that at the end of the day the earth as we know it will cease to exist and all will be gone except for the spiritual people who have been nurtured and fed over the…

What Is Luck and How Are Hunches Linked to It?

The question is what is luck? Is there such a thing or is it something that results from our response to a hunch? In other words, are we led by some internal power to do something at a specific time that will result in what we might call ‘good fortune’?

Inspiring Others – Demonstrating a High Level of Motivation

Most of us feel bogged down in life with stresses, pressures and challenges. Have you ever thought of rising above these factors and standing out? Why not set a bright example for others? In fact, how can you demonstrate a high level of motivation in order to inspire others? Look inside for insights.

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

Wayne describes how people can defeat the traps of failure by developing an intentional plan that will help them avoid procrastination, fear and excuses. When we avoid the obstacles that try to prevent us from accomplishing our goals and dreams, then we can experience true happiness and gratification.

Magic Versus Miracle

The fastest route to achieve anything is either through magic or miracle. Other fast ways are still categorised under these two umbrellas.

It Makes Sense Being Sure

When you find yourself in a difficult spot and cannot decide on what to do, wait it out and then decide. An impulsive choice can wear you down later.

How I Take Care of Those Creatures

Often times, we are worried about where help will come from; how we will pull through the next few days, few months or even few years, but here is the good news, there is someone who has everything under control. Read this real life experience.

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