Once You Make THIS Mindset SHIFT, Everything CHANGES! | Anthony Evans Interview

Calling All Football and Other Television Addicts

As the NFL season is upon us I thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss how television can inhibit a life of no regrets. What else could you have been doing instead? People overestimate what they can accomplish in a year but underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade.

The Mental Cleanse – A Self Help Guide

I am not sure if any of you have ever heard of the 30 Day Mental Cleanse. It means not watching TV., reading newspapers, internet, listening to negative people, talking negative about anyone.etc Basically, “stop the negative chatter in your mind.” You know some of that Self Help Stuff.

Boneheads and Control Freaks – A Recipe For Disaster?

Ever noticed how the more you try to control a situation, the less control you actually have? Ever noticed that there are just some things that aren’t even worth the effort? Have you ever noticed that the more you give it up (that ‘control freak’ thing) the more things seem to work out? Well, lately, this used-to-be-control-freak is taking a good, long look at all this….and realizing that maybe she’s got a bit more work to do.

Three Steps to Getting Unstuck

Feeling stuck in a job you don’t like? Not sure what you want to do next in your life? Do you spend a lot of time planning and thinking, but never take action? Don’t give up! There are ways to move towards the life you really want.

The Secret to Motivation

So many people think motivation is an elusive, difficult thing to get hold of and sustain. It is not and this article will give you the core secret to achieving good motivation that achieves real results.

Those Who Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!

The easiest way to remove procrastination from your life and increase your level of planning is to get into the habit of using a diary. Whatever goes into the diary needs to be completed at the time you put it in…

The Pumpkin and the Walnut – A Teaching Tale

If we could have all of our wishes granted, would this necessarily be a good thing? This teaching tale explores this question.

Misplaced Motivations

Ever have one of those days where everything goes right? No? What are you going to do about it?

Learn to Enjoy a Better Zen Filled Life – Simplify Today

If you take a look around you, when you have the time, what do you see? I see my favorite possessions, pictures of loved ones smiling back at me from within the confines of pretty frames. These images are frozen in time, and yet they give constant comfort, and remind me of unconditional love.

Tough Love – Reasons Not to Quit that You Don’t Normally Hear

Whether it be a healthy eating plan, fitness regime, or giving up a vice, you read a lot of advice on how to stick with a program. Invariably the approach is one of encouragement, seeking to nurture a sense of positivity and achievement. Whilst this approach is important, sometimes you need to tell it like it is, warts ‘n’ all. This is the alternative 5-step motivation plan for not quitting your program. Not a fan of tough love? Stop reading.

Overcoming Obstacles – Getting Your Foot in the Door

As Polish immigrants, we came to this country with few material possessions and a strong desire to improve our lives and our futures. My mother had only a third-grade education but was one smart person, full of determination. She applied for a cooking job at our local hospital.

Motivation Must Be Magically Magnificent and it Must Be Earned

There are all types of ways to motivate people and employees, and the best ways are truly inspirational and come from a place that is far beyond mere praise or pay. Some companies and leaders believe that you can entice, recruit best efforts of an employee or team member simply by offering them awards or compensation packages. But this only works with folks that are already hard workers and motivated from within.

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