Oprah Winfrey – Listen to Life’s WHISPERS! – You’ll Feel The Change Immediately! | Top 10 Rules

Encouragement Words

More than once in our lives we will face a situation where only the best encouragement words can lift us up from a major depression or disappointment. It is all in the process called life. Don’t despair help is one the way.

Motivating A Mind

Motivating a mind to help you achieve your goals takes persistence on your part. You have to learn how to influence your subconscious mind so that it will bring you the things you wish to achieve. How can you do that you ask? Through repeatedly telling it over what you desire.

Motivation And Success

Our motivation for success is instinctual. Even at the earliest stage of life; infants driven by it to crawl; toddlers driven by it to walk. In the teen years we’re driven by motivation to become successful academically; well, somewhere after the pursuit of finding something on four wheels to leave the nest.

Motivating Conference Organizers to Hire You as a Keynote Speaker

So you’re a great public speaker and you want to make money doing it. Well without credibility it doesn’t matter how great a speaker you are. Potential clients inevitably look for a proven record of success, together with endorsement of your expertise and professionalism.

Take Charge!

The reason so many people go around in circles in life, is because their thoughts are going around in circles in their minds. Their minds are engaged in wandering, daydreaming and fantasizing; they never stay focused long enough to allow what they truly desire to come into their lives. Take charge of your life by taking charge of your thinking.

Procrastination – 4 Steps to Overcome Procrastination and Get Things Done In 2008!

Are you a procrastinator? Having trouble getting things do? Here is a 4 step formula to help you through that tough job or project.

The Poverty of Our Dreams

This year, most of us will keep our jobs for fear of quitting them and losing the small income that we manage to make to see us through the coming months. This fear and the self-doubt it creates robs us of ever attempting to achieve our dreams. Now, think back to that time when you were little and the world lay at your feet and your parents told you that you could do anything!

Momentum In The New Year

Excited about the new year? Now lets keep the momentum going. And if you’re not yet fired up it’s never too late to have a wonderful year. Here’s how…

Push and Pushing – When, Why and How Much?

“You can make it if you try, push a little harder, think a little deeper.” – Sly Stone “I push myself very hard, and I always think I should do better.” – P. J. Harvey I can really relate to the above quotations – how about you? And, I am beginning to feel a bit like screaming if one more person tells me, “Don’t push yourself.” I know they mean well. I also know that I can be stubborn about doing things “my way.” But, I also know that we – and I – accomplish much more when we push ourselves.

Resistance – What Do You Resist? What Are the Benefits of Resistance?

Resistance – what an interesting word! Is resistance good or bad? What should we resist, but what shouldn’t we? Resistance covers the whole gamut from political actions to being in a sales situation to social interactions to our own reactions to what we encounter in our thinking, our approach to life, our goals and on and on.

True Story – The Obstacle

Let me tell you a true story of my colleague who so believes in what he did. I still remember sometime ago, my colleague had a slight problem with his boss (well most people do hahaha..). my friend was actually a “yes boss” kind of person before this.

Start Believing and Continue Believing

Believe is one of the main agendas in becoming successful. If you ask all successful people such as CEO of multi-billion company, Directors, Billionaire and even Millionaire, they always say that they start with a dream, and then they believe in their dream and make it to happen by never stop believing.

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